Celso Peres Fernandes
Celso Peres Fernandes
Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Federal University of Santa Catarina
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Characterization of pore systems in seal rocks using nitrogen gas adsorption combined with mercury injection capillary pressure techniques
M Schmitt, CP Fernandes, JAB da Cunha Neto, FG Wolf, VSS dos Santos
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Ceramic shell foams produced by direct foaming and gelcasting of proteins: Permeability and microstructural characterization by X-ray microtomography
NP Stochero, EG De Moraes, AC Moreira, CP Fernandes, ...
Journal of the European Ceramic Society 40 (12), 4224-4231, 2020
Automated microfossil identification and segmentation using a deep learning approach
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Cellular ceramics obtained by a combination of direct foaming of soybean oil emulsified alumina suspensions with gel consolidation using gelatin
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Application of photoacoustic spectroscopy to characterize thermal diffusivity and porosity of caprocks
M Schmitt, CM Poffo, JC de Lima, CP Fernandes, VSS dos Santos
Engineering Geology 220, 183-195, 2017
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