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ARAMEMNON, a novel database for Arabidopsis integral membrane proteins
R Schwacke, A Schneider, E van der Graaff, K Fischer, E Catoni, ...
Plant Physiology 131 (1), 16-26, 2003
Transcription analysis of Arabidopsis membrane transporters and hormone pathways during developmental and induced leaf senescence
E van der Graaff, R Schwacke, A Schneider, M Desimone, UI Flügge, ...
Plant Physiology 141 (2), 776-792, 2006
Arabidopsis STN7 kinase provides a link between short-and long-term photosynthetic acclimation
P Pesaresi, A Hertle, M Pribil, T Kleine, R Wagner, H Strissel, ...
The Plant Cell 21 (8), 2402-2423, 2009
The Arabidopsis plastidic glucose 6-phosphate/phosphate translocator GPT1 is essential for pollen maturation and embryo sac development
P Niewiadomski, S Knappe, S Geimer, K Fischer, B Schulz, US Unte, ...
The Plant Cell 17 (3), 760-775, 2005
Interorganellar communication
P Pesaresi, A Schneider, T Kleine, D Leister
Current opinion in plant biology 10 (6), 600-606, 2007
An Arabidopsis thaliana knock‐out mutant of the chloroplast triose phosphate/phosphate translocator is severely compromised only when starch synthesis, but not starch …
A Schneider, RE Häusler, Ü Kolukisaoglu, R Kunze, E Van Der Graaff, ...
The Plant Journal 32 (5), 685-699, 2002
Mutants for photosystem I subunit D of Arabidopsis thaliana: effects on photosynthesis, photosystem I stability and expression of nuclear genes for chloroplast functions
A Ihnatowicz, P Pesaresi, C Varotto, E Richly, A Schneider, P Jahns, ...
The Plant Journal 37 (6), 839-852, 2004
A novel superfamily of transporters for allantoin and other oxo derivatives of nitrogen heterocyclic compounds in Arabidopsis
M Desimone, E Catoni, U Ludewig, M Hilpert, A Schneider, R Kunze, ...
The Plant Cell 14 (4), 847-856, 2002
Characterization of two functional phosphoenolpyruvate/phosphate translocator (PPT) genes in Arabidopsis–AtPPT1 may be involved in the provision of signals for correct …
S Knappe, T Löttgert, A Schneider, L Voll, UI Flügge, K Fischer
The Plant Journal 36 (3), 411-420, 2003
The role of plastidial glucose‐6‐phosphate/phosphate translocators in vegetative tissues of Arabidopsis thaliana mutants impaired in starch biosynthesis
HH Kunz, RE Häusler, J Fettke, K Herbst, P Niewiadomski, M Gierth, ...
Plant Biology 12, 115-128, 2010
Arabidopsis plants lacking PsbQ and PsbR subunits of the oxygen‐evolving complex show altered PSII super‐complex organization and short‐term adaptive mechanisms
Y Allahverdiyeva, M Suorsa, F Rossi, A Pavesi, MM Kater, A Antonacci, ...
The Plant Journal 75 (4), 671-684, 2013
Expression patterns and promoter activity of the cold-regulated gene ci21A of potato
A Schneider, F Salamini, C Gebhardt
Plant physiology 113 (2), 335-345, 1997
The evolutionarily conserved protein PHOTOSYNTHESIS AFFECTED MUTANT71 is required for efficient manganese uptake at the thylakoid membrane in Arabidopsis
A Schneider, I Steinberger, A Herdean, C Gandini, M Eisenhut, S Kurz, ...
The Plant Cell 28 (4), 892-910, 2016
A Putative Role for the Vacuolar Calcium/Manganese Proton Antiporter AtCAX2 in Heavy Metal Detoxification
G Schaaf, E Catoni, M Fitz, R Schwacke, A Schneider, N Von Wiren, ...
Plant Biology 4 (5), 612-618, 2002
Expression pattern of a nuclear encoded mitochondrial arginine-ornithine translocator gene from Arabidopsis
E Catoni, M Desimone, M Hilpert, D Wipf, R Kunze, A Schneider, ...
BMC Plant Biology 3 (1), 1-10, 2003
Genetic mapping and functional analysis of a nodulation-defective mutant ( sym19 ) of pea ( Pisum sativum L.)
A Schneider, SA Walker, S Poyser, M Sagan, THN Ellis, JA Downie
Molecular and General Genetics MGG 262 (1), 1-11, 1999
A transposon‐based activation‐tagging population in Arabidopsis thaliana (TAMARA) and its application in the identification of dominant developmental and metabolic mutations
A Schneider, T Kirch, T Gigolashvili, HP Mock, U Sonnewald, R Simon, ...
FEBS letters 579 (21), 4622-4628, 2005
Optimizing photosynthesis under fluctuating light: the role of the Arabidopsis STN7 kinase
P Pesaresi, A Hertle, M Pribil, A Schneider, T Kleine, D Leister
Plant signaling & behavior 5 (1), 21-25, 2010
Defects in leaf carbohydrate metabolism compromise acclimation to high light and lead to a high chlorophyll fluorescence phenotype in Arabidopsis thaliana
J Schmitz, MA Schöttler, S Krueger, S Geimer, A Schneider, T Kleine, ...
BMC plant biology 12 (1), 8, 2012
Mapping of the nodulation loci sym9 and sym10 of pea (Pisum sativum L.)
A Schneider, S Walker, M Sagan, G Duc, T Ellis, J Downie
Theoretical and Applied Genetics 104 (8), 1312-1316, 2002
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