Chaohong Lee
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Fermi gases in one dimension: From Bethe ansatz to experiments
XW Guan, MT Batchelor, C Lee
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SV Suchkov, AA Sukhorukov, J Huang, SV Dmitriev, C Lee, YS Kivshar
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XW Guan, MT Batchelor, C Lee, M Bortz
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Adiabatic Mach-Zehnder interferometry on a quantized Bose-Josephson junction
C Lee
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C Lee, J Brand
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W Hai, C Lee, G Chong, L Shi
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C Lee, W Hai, L Shi, X Zhu, K Gao
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Q Xie, H Zhong, MT Batchelor, C Lee
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C Lee
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C Lee, J Huang, H Deng, H Dai, J Xu
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C Lee, EA Ostrovskaya
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XW Guan, MT Batchelor, C Lee, HQ Zhou
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X Qin, Y Ke, X Guan, Z Li, N Andrei, C Lee
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W Hai, C Lee, G Chong
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Topological phase transitions and Thouless pumping of light in photonic waveguide arrays
Y Ke, X Qin, F Mei, H Zhong, YS Kivshar, C Lee
Laser & Photonics Reviews 10 (6), 995-1001, 2016
Many-body quantum coherence and interaction blockade in Josephson-linked Bose-Einstein condensates
C Lee, LB Fu, YS Kivshar
EPL (Europhysics Letters) 81 (6), 60006, 2008
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