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José M. Delgado-García (0000-0001-7369-4195)
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Consensus paper: roles of the cerebellum in motor control—the diversity of ideas on cerebellar involvement in movement
M Manto, JM Bower, AB Conforto, JM Delgado-García, SNF Da Guarda, ...
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Plastic modifications induced by object recognition memory processing
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M Escudero, RR De La Cruz, JM Delgado‐García
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Associative learning and CA3–CA1 synaptic plasticity are impaired in D1R null, Drd1a−/− mice and in hippocampal siRNA silenced Drd1a mice
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Kinematics of spontaneous, reflex, and conditioned eyelid movements in the alert cat
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Impairment in long-term memory formation and learning-dependent synaptic plasticity in mice lacking glycogen synthase in the brain
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Effects of a human milk oligosaccharide, 2′-fucosyllactose, on hippocampal long-term potentiation and learning capabilities in rodents
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A new mouse model for the trisomy of the Abcg1U2af1 region reveals the complexity of the combinatorial genetic code of down syndrome
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