Leon D. Perez
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Mesoporous silica applications
LF Giraldo, BL López, L Pérez, S Urrego, L Sierra, M Mesa
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Preparation, characterization, and physical properties of multiwall carbon nanotube/elastomer composites
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Characterization of a polyhydroxyalkanoate obtained from pineapple peel waste using Ralsthonia eutropha
O Vega-Castro, J Contreras-Calderon, E León, A Segura, M Arias, ...
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Poly (methyl acrylate) plus mesoporous silica nanohybrids: mechanical and thermophysical properties
LD Pérez, LF Giraldo, W Brostow, BL López
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Reinforcing of elastomers with mesoporous silica
P Leon D, G Luis F, L Betty L, M Hess
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Effect of the chemical characteristics of mesoporous silica MCM‐41 on morphological, thermal, and rheological properties of composites based on polystyrene
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Enhancing the performance of PEG-b-PCL copolymers as precursors of micellar vehicles for amphotericin B through its conjugation with cholesterol
JC Villamil, CM Parra-Giraldo, LD Pérez
Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects 572, 79-87, 2019
Design of Micelle Nanocontainers Based on PDMAEMA-b-PCL-b-PDMAEMA Triblock Copolymers for the Encapsulation of Amphotericin B
IL Diaz, C Parra, M Linarez, LD Perez
AAPS PharmSciTech 16, 1069-1078, 2015
Synthesis and micellization properties of triblock copolymers PDMAEMA-b-PCL-b-PDMAEMA and their applications in the fabrication of amphotericin B-loaded …
IL Diaz, LD Perez
Colloid and Polymer Science 293, 913-923, 2015
A novel method for the synthesis of polystyrene-graft-silica particles using random copolymers based on styrene and triethoxyvinylsilane
NA Agudelo, LD Perez, BL Lopez
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Policaprolactone/polyvinylpyrrolidone/siloxane hybrid materials: synthesis and in vitro delivery of diclofenac and biocompatibility with periodontal ligament fibroblasts
JA Peña, SJ Gutiérrez, JC Villamil, NA Agudelo, LD Pérez
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Development of amphotericin B micellar formulations based on copolymers of poly (ethylene glycol) and poly (ε-caprolactone) conjugated with retinol
YJ Rodriguez, LF Quejada, JC Villamil, Y Baena, CM Parra-Giraldo, ...
Pharmaceutics 12 (3), 196, 2020
Thermal characterization of SBR/NBR blends reinforced with a mesoporous silica
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Effect of the filler characteristics on the miscibility of styrene‐butadiene rubber and nitrile‐butadiene rubber blends
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Effect of silica modification on the chemical interactions in NBR‐based composites
JF Lopez, LD Perez, BL Lopez
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Use of mesoporous silica as a reinforcing agent in rubber compounds
BL López, LD Pérez, M Mesa, L Sierra, E Devaux, M Camargo, ...
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Estimation of the interaction energy between small molecules and a silica model as an approach for predicting the interaction order between elastomers and silica
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Hydrophobic cellulose fibers via ATRP and their performance in the removal of pyrene from water
SM Arteta, R Vera, LD Pérez
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Polymers of ε-caprolactone using new copper (II) and zinc (II) complexes as initiators: synthesis, characterization and X-Ray crystal structures
AF Posada, MA Macías, S Movilla, GP Miscione, LD Pérez, JJ Hurtado
Polymers 10 (11), 1239, 2018
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