alexandre andrade
alexandre andrade
Institute of Biophysics and Biomedical Engineering, Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon
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Atypical EEG complexity in autism spectrum conditions: a multiscale entropy analysis
A Catarino, O Churches, S Baron-Cohen, A Andrade, H Ring
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On the influence of time-series length in EMD to extract frequency content: Simulations and models in biomedical signals
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Verification of a central pacemaker in brain stem by phase-coupling analysis between HR interval-and BOLD-oscillations in the 0.10–0.15 Hz frequency band
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Distinction between Neural and Vascular BOLD Oscillations and Intertwined Heart Rate Oscillations at 0.1 Hz in the Resting State and during Movement
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“Switch-off” of respiratory sinus arrhythmia may be associated with the activation of an oscillatory source (pacemaker) in the brain stem
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G Pfurtscheller, A Schwerdtfeger, D Fink, C Brunner, CS Aigner, J Brito, ...
PloS one 13 (11), e0206675, 2018
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