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Ferrite thin films for microwave applications
I Zaquine, H Benazizi, JC Mage
Journal of Applied Physics 64 (10), 5822-5824, 1988
New wideband, 0.67 λg circumference 180 hybrid ring coupler
MH Murgulescu, E Moisan, P Legaud, E Penard, I Zaquine
Electronics Letters 30 (4), 299-300, 1994
Spontaneous four-wave mixing in liquid-core fibers: towards fibered Raman-free correlated photon sources
M Barbier, I Zaquine, P Delaye
new Journal of Physics 17 (5), 053031, 2015
Multi-user quantum key distribution with entangled photons from an AlGaAs chip
C Autebert, J Trapateau, A Orieux, A Lemaître, C Gomez-Carbonell, ...
Quantum Science and Technology 1 (1), 01LT02, 2016
Decoherence effects on the nonlocality of symmetric states
A Sohbi, I Zaquine, E Diamanti, D Markham
Physical Review A 91 (2), 022101, 2015
Experimental investigation of practical unforgeable quantum money
M Bozzio, A Orieux, L Trigo Vidarte, I Zaquine, I Kerenidis, E Diamanti
npj Quantum Information 4 (1), 5, 2018
Active engineering of four-wave mixing spectral correlations in multiband hollow-core fibers
M Cordier, A Orieux, B Debord, F Gérôme, A Gorse, M Chafer, E Diamanti, ...
Optics Express 27 (7), 9803-9814, 2019
Intracavity bragg grating
L Menez, I Zaquine, A Maruani, R Frey
JOSA B 16 (11), 1849-1855, 1999
Experimental wavelength-division-multiplexed photon-pair distribution
J Ghalbouni, I Agha, R Frey, E Diamanti, I Zaquine
Optics letters 38 (1), 34-36, 2013
Design formulas for generalised 180 hybrid ring couplers
MH Murgulescu, E Penard, I Zaquine
Electronics Letters 30 (7), 573-574, 1994
Raman-free fibered photon-pair source
M Cordier, P Delaye, F Gérôme, F Benabid, I Zaquine
Scientific reports 10 (1), 1650, 2020
Experimental investigation of intracavity Bragg gratings
L Menez, I Zaquine, A Maruani, R Frey
Optics letters 27 (7), 479-481, 2002
Optimal photon-pair single-mode coupling in narrow-band spontaneous parametric downconversion with arbitrary pump profile
JL Smirr, M Deconinck, R Frey, I Agha, E Diamanti, I Zaquine
JOSA B 30 (2), 288-301, 2013
Intrinsic limitations to the quality of pulsed spontaneous parametric downconversion sources for quantum information applications
JL Smirr, R Frey, E Diamanti, R Alléaume, I Zaquine
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Bragg thickness criterion for intracavity diffraction gratings
L Menez, I Zaquine, A Maruani, R Frey
JOSA B 19 (5), 965-972, 2002
Experimental detection of steerability in Bell local states with two measurement settings
A Orieux, M Kaplan, V Venuti, T Pramanik, I Zaquine, E Diamanti
Journal of Optics 20 (4), 044006, 2018
Multi-user distribution of polarization entangled photon pairs
J Trapateau, J Ghalbouni, A Orieux, E Diamanti, I Zaquine
Journal of Applied Physics 118 (14), 2015
Superconducting thin films of YBaCuO compound deposited on silicon and Al2O3 substrates
P Alnot, R Cabanel, J Chazelas, G Creuzet, D Dieumegrad, JP Ganne, ...
Solid state communications 67 (3), 275-280, 1988
Raman-tailored photonic crystal fiber for telecom band photon-pair generation
M Cordier, A Orieux, R Gabet, T Harlé, N Dubreuil, E Diamanti, P Delaye, ...
Optics Letters 42 (13), 2583-2586, 2017
Band-edge-induced Bragg diffraction in two-dimensional photonic crystals
Q He, I Zaquine, A Maruani, S Massenot, R Chevallier, R Frey
Optics letters 31 (9), 1184-1186, 2006
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