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Genome‐wide association analysis of actigraphic sleep phenotypes in the LIFE Adult Study
J Spada, M Scholz, H Kirsten, T Hensch, K Horn, P Jawinski, C Ulke, ...
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Time to wake up: No impact of COMT Val158Met gene variation on circadian preferences, arousal regulation and sleep
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Molecular genetics in psychology and personality neuroscience: On candidate genes, genome wide scans, and new research strategies
C Montag, R Ebstein, P Jawinski, S Markett
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Brain arousal regulation in carriers of bipolar disorder risk alleles
P Jawinski, C Sander, N Mauche, J Spada, J Huang, A Schmidt, ...
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J Basanovic, L Notebaert, PJF Clarke, C MacLeod, P Jawinski, NTM Chen
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Tobacco use is associated with reduced amplitude and intensity dependence of the cortical auditory evoked N1-P2 component
P Jawinski, N Mauche, C Ulke, J Huang, J Spada, C Enzenbach, ...
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Affective Network Neuroscience
S Markett, OA Wudarczyk, BB Biswal, P Jawinski, C Montag
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Specific and segregated changes to the functional connectome evoked by the processing of emotional faces: A task-based connectome study
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Fatigue in Cancer and Neuroinflammatory and Autoimmune Disease: CNS Arousal Matters
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Linking electrophysiological brain activity to neurological and psychiatric liability genes: Large-scale collaborative studies by the ENIGMA-EEG group.
DJA Smit, OA Andreassen, DI Boomsma, SJ Burwell, DB Chorlian, ...
PsyArXiv, 2020
Individual differences in inhibitory control are not related to emotion regulation
A Gärtner, P Jawinski, A Strobel
PsyArXiv, 2021
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