Antoine Barbier
Antoine Barbier
CEA/Grenoble, CEA/Saclay, IPCMS, SPEC, SPCSI
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Real-time monitoring of growing nanoparticles
G Renaud, R Lazzari, C Revenant, A Barbier, M Noblet, O Ulrich, F Leroy, ...
Science 300 (5624), 1416-1419, 2003
Real-time monitoring of growing nanoparticles
G Renaud, R Lazzari, C Revenant, A Barbier, M Noblet, O Ulrich, F Leroy, ...
Science 300 (5624), 1416-1419, 2003
Determination of the α-Ai2O3(0001) Surface Relaxation and Termination by Measurements of Crystal Truncation Rods
P Guenard, G Renaud, A Barbier, M Gautier-Soyer
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A Bourret, A Barski, JL Rouviere, G Renaud, A Barbier
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A Barbier, C Mocuta, H Kuhlenbeck, KF Peters, B Richter, G Renaud
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Structure and morphology of the Ag/MgO (001) interface during in situ growth at room temperature
O Robach, G Renaud, A Barbier
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O Robach, G Renaud, A Barbier
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Single crystalline hematite films for solar water splitting: Ti-doping and thickness effects
M Rioult, H Magnan, D Stanescu, A Barbier
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Oxygen vacancies engineering of iron oxides films for solar water splitting
M Rioult, D Stanescu, E Fonda, A Barbier, H Magnan
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Stability of rocksalt (111) polar surfaces: Beyond the octopole
F Finocchi, A Barbier, J Jupille, C Noguera
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Gaia Data Release 1-Testing parallaxes with local Cepheids and RR Lyrae stars
G Clementini, L Eyer, V Ripepi, M Marconi, T Muraveva, A Garofalo, ...
Astronomy & Astrophysics 605, A79, 2017
Growth, structure, and morphology of the Pd/MgO (001) interface: Epitaxial site and interfacial distance
G Renaud, A Barbier, O Robach
Physical Review B 60 (8), 5872, 1999
A new UHV diffractometer for surface structure and real time molecular beam deposition studies with synchrotron radiations at ESRF
R Baudoing-Savois, M De Santis, MC Saint-Lager, P Dolle, O Geaymond, ...
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section B: Beam …, 1999
Surface termination of hematite at environmental oxygen pressures: Experimental surface phase diagram
A Barbier, A Stierle, N Kasper, MJ Guittet, J Jupille
Physical Review B 75 (23), 233406, 2007
Misfit dislocation network at the Ag/MgO (001) interface: a grazing-incidence x-ray-scattering study
G Renaud, P Guénard, A Barbier
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Strong magnetoelectric coupling in multiferroic Co/BaTiO thin films
N Jedrecy, HJ Von Bardeleben, V Badjeck, D Demaille, D Stanescu, ...
Physical Review B 88 (12), 121409, 2013
Determination of the cation site distribution of the spinel in multiferroic CoFe2O4/BaTiO3 layers by X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy
T Aghavnian, JB Moussy, D Stanescu, R Belkhou, N Jedrecy, H Magnan, ...
Journal of Electron Spectroscopy and Related Phenomena 202, 16-21, 2015
Sharp interface in epitaxial graphene layers on 3-SiC(100)/Si(100) wafers
A Ouerghi, M Ridene, A Balan, R Belkhou, A Barbier, N Gogneau, ...
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Structure, transformation, and reduction of the polar NiO (111) surface
A Barbier, C Mocuta, G Renaud
Physical Review B 62 (23), 16056, 2000
CoO (111) surface study by surface X-ray diffraction
C Mocuta, A Barbier, G Renaud
Applied surface science 162, 56-61, 2000
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