Dr. Sujit Jagtap
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AA Kadam, AA Telke, SS Jagtap, SP Govindwar
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Comparative biochemical characterization of three exolytic oligoalginate lyases from Vibrio splendidus reveals complementary substrate scope, temperature, and pH adaptations
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Characterization of a novel endo-β-1, 4-glucanase from Armillaria gemina and its application in biomass hydrolysis
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Characterization of a β-1, 4-glucosidase from a newly isolated strain of Pholiota adiposa and its application to the hydrolysis of biomass
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Biomass and bioenergy 54, 181-190, 2013
Cloning and characterization of a galactitol 2-dehydrogenase from Rhizobium legumenosarum and its application in d-tagatose production
SS Jagtap, R Singh, YC Kang, H Zhao, JK Lee
Enzyme and microbial technology 58, 44-51, 2014
Production of d-arabitol from d-xylose by the oleaginous yeast Rhodosporidium toruloides IFO0880
SS Jagtap, CV Rao
Applied microbiology and biotechnology 102 (1), 143-151, 2018
New ultraviolet B emission from gadolinium activated BaZrO3 phosphor-An electron paramagnetic resonance and optical study
V Singh, G Sivaramaiah, JL Rao, S Watanabe, TKG Rao, SS Jagtap, ...
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 648, 1083-1089, 2015
Structural insights into the binding mode of d-sorbitol with sorbitol dehydrogenase using QM-polarized ligand docking and molecular dynamics simulations
Chandrabose Selvaraja, Gopinath Krishnasamya, Sujit Sadashiv Jagtap, Sanjay ...
Biochemical Engineering Journal, 2016
Role of the non-conserved amino acid Asparagine 285 in the glycone-binding pocket of Neosartorya fischeri β-glucosidase
Priyadharshini Ramachandran, Sujit Sadashiv Jagtap, Sanjay K. S. Patel ...
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Characterization of the alginate lyases from Vibrio splendidus 12B01
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Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology, 1-22, 2018
Exploiting Fine-scale Genetic and Physiological Variation of Closely Related Microbes to Reveal Unknown Enzyme Functions
Ahmet H. Badur, Matthew J. Plutz, Geethika Yalamanchili, Sujit Sadashiv ...
Journal of Biological Chemistry, 2017
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