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Ashit Rao
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New horizons of nonclassical crystallization
M Jehannin, A Rao, H Cölfen
Journal of the American Chemical Society 141 (26), 10120-10136, 2019
Removal of hexavalent chromium ions by Yarrowia lipolytica cells modified with phyto-inspired Fe0/Fe3O4 nanoparticles
A Rao, A Bankar, AR Kumar, S Gosavi, S Zinjarde
Journal of contaminant hydrology 146, 63-73, 2013
Sweet on biomineralization: effects of carbohydrates on the early stages of calcium carbonate crystallization
A Rao, JK Berg, M Kellermeier, D Gebauer
European Journal of Mineralogy 26 (4), 537-552, 2014
Roles of larval sea urchin spicule SM50 domains in organic matrix self-assembly and calcium carbonate mineralization
A Rao, J Seto, JK Berg, SG Kreft, M Scheffner, H Cölfen
Journal of structural biology 183 (2), 205-215, 2013
Facile synthesis of size-tunable gold nanoparticles by pomegranate (Punica granatum) leaf extract: Applications in arsenate sensing
A Rao, K Mahajan, A Bankar, R Srikanth, AR Kumar, S Gosavi, S Zinjarde
Materials Research Bulletin 48 (3), 1166-1173, 2013
Phyto-inspired silica nanowires: characterization and application in lipase immobilization
A Rao, A Bankar, A Shinde, AR Kumar, S Gosavi, S Zinjarde
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 4 (2), 871-877, 2012
pH-dependent schemes of calcium carbonate formation in the presence of alginates
A Rao, P Vásquez-Quitral, MS Fernández, JK Berg, M Sánchez, ...
Crystal Growth & Design 16 (3), 1349-1359, 2016
An oligomeric C-RING nacre protein influences prenucleation events and organizes mineral nanoparticles
I Perovic, A Verch, EP Chang, A Rao, H Cölfen, R Kröger, JS Evans
Biochemistry 53 (46), 7259-7268, 2014
A model sea urchin spicule matrix protein self-associates to form mineral-modifying protein hydrogels
G Jain, M Pendola, A Rao, H Cölfen, JS Evans
Biochemistry 55 (31), 4410-4421, 2016
Self‐Assembly Toolbox of Tailored Supramolecular Architectures Based on an Amphiphilic Protein Library
A Schreiber, LG Stühn, MC Huber, SE Geissinger, A Rao, SM Schiller
Small 15 (30), 1900163, 2019
Stabilization of Mineral Precursors by Intrinsically Disordered Proteins
A Rao, M Drechsler, S Schiller, M Scheffner, D Gebauer, H Cölfen
Advanced functional materials 28 (37), 1802063, 2018
Synergistic biomineralization phenomena created by a combinatorial nacre protein model system
EP Chang, T Roncal-Herrero, T Morgan, KE Dunn, A Rao, JAMR Kunitake, ...
Biochemistry 55 (16), 2401-2410, 2016
A nacre protein, n16. 3, self-assembles to form protein oligomers that dimensionally limit and organize mineral deposits
I Perovic, EP Chang, M Lui, A Rao, H Cölfen, JS Evans
Biochemistry 53 (16), 2739-2748, 2014
Insect cell glycosylation and its impact on the functionality of a recombinant intracrystalline nacre protein, AP24
EP Chang, I Perovic, A Rao, H Cölfen, JS Evans
Biochemistry 55 (7), 1024-1035, 2016
On biomineralization: enzymes switch on mesocrystal assembly
A Rao, T Roncal-Herrero, E Schmid, M Drechsler, M Scheffner, ...
ACS central science 5 (2), 357-364, 2019
Mineralization and non-ideality: On nature’s foundry
A Rao, H Cölfen
Biophysical reviews 8 (4), 309-329, 2016
From solute, fluidic and particulate precursors to complex organizations of matter
A Rao, H Cölfen
The Chemical Record 18 (7-8), 1203-1221, 2018
On mechanisms of mesocrystal formation: magnesium ions and water environments regulate the crystallization of amorphous minerals
YC Huang, MB Gindele, J Knaus, A Rao, D Gebauer
CrystEngComm 20 (31), 4395-4405, 2018
Mineralization schemes in the living world: mesocrystals
A Rao, H Cölfen
New perspectives on mineral nucleation and growth, 155-183, 2017
Calcium carbonate crystallization in tailored constrained environments
C Beato, MS Fernández, S Fermani, M Reggi, A Neira-Carrillo, A Rao, ...
CrystEngComm 17 (31), 5953-5961, 2015
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