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Control of membrane biofouling in MBR for wastewater treatment by quorum quenching bacteria encapsulated in microporous membrane
HS Oh, KM Yeon, CS Yang, SR Kim, CH Lee, SY Park, JY Han, JK Lee
Environmental science & technology 46 (9), 4877-4884, 2012
Biofouling control with bead-entrapped quorum quenching bacteria in membrane bioreactors: physical and biological effects
SR Kim, HS Oh, SJ Jo, KM Yeon, CH Lee, DJ Lim, CH Lee, JK Lee
Environmental science & technology 47 (2), 836-842, 2013
Enzyme-immobilized nanofiltration membrane to mitigate biofouling based on quorum quenching
JH Kim, DC Choi, KM Yeon, SR Kim, CH Lee
Environmental science & technology 45 (4), 1601-1607, 2011
Isolation and Identification of Indigenous Quorum Quenching Bacteria, Pseudomonas sp. 1A1, for Biofouling Control in MBR
WS Cheong, CH Lee, YH Moon, HS Oh, SR Kim, SH Lee, CH Lee, JK Lee
Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 52 (31), 10554-10560, 2013
Macroencapsulation of quorum quenching bacteria by polymeric membrane layer and its application to MBR for biofouling control
SR Kim, KB Lee, JE Kim, YJ Won, KM Yeon, CH Lee, DJ Lim
Journal of membrane science 473, 109-117, 2015
Specific location of encapsulated quorum quenching bacteria for biofouling control in an external submerged membrane bioreactor
D Jahangir, HS Oh, SR Kim, PK Park, CH Lee, JK Lee
Journal of membrane science 411, 130-136, 2012
Biofouling inhibition in MBR by Rhodococcus sp. BH4 isolated from real MBR plant
HS Oh, SR Kim, WS Cheong, CH Lee, JK Lee
Applied microbiology and biotechnology 97 (23), 10223-10231, 2013
Capacitive deionization with Ca-alginate coated-carbon electrode for hardness control
H Yoon, J Lee, SR Kim, J Kang, S Kim, C Kim, J Yoon
Desalination 392, 46-53, 2016
Microbial population dynamics and proteomics in membrane bioreactors with enzymatic quorum quenching
HW Kim, HS Oh, SR Kim, KB Lee, KM Yeon, CH Lee, S Kim, JK Lee
Applied microbiology and biotechnology 97 (10), 4665-4675, 2013
Design of quorum quenching microbial vessel to enhance cell viability for biofouling control in membrane bioreactor
WS Cheong, SR Kim, HS Oh, SH Lee, KM Yeon, CH Lee, JK Lee
Journal of Microbiology and Biotechnology 24 (1), 97-105, 2014
Effective antifouling using quorum-quenching acylase stabilized in magnetically-separable mesoporous silica
B Lee, KM Yeon, J Shim, SR Kim, CH Lee, J Lee, J Kim
Biomacromolecules 15 (4), 1153-1159, 2014
Fungal quorum quenching: a paradigm shift for energy savings in membrane bioreactor (MBR) for wastewater treatment
K Lee, S Lee, SH Lee, SR Kim, HS Oh, PK Park, KH Choo, YW Kim, ...
Environmental science & technology 50 (20), 10914-10922, 2016
Self-healing hydrogel pore-filled water filtration membranes
BA Getachew, SR Kim, JH Kim
Environmental science & technology 51 (2), 905-913, 2017
Toward microcapsule-embedded self-healing membranes
SR Kim, BA Getachew, SJ Park, OS Kwon, WH Ryu, AD Taylor, J Bae, ...
Environmental science & technology letters 3 (5), 216-221, 2016
Controlled TiO2 Growth on Reverse Osmosis and Nanofiltration Membranes by Atomic Layer Deposition: Mechanisms and Potential Applications
X Zhou, YY Zhao, SR Kim, M Elimelech, S Hu, JH Kim
Environmental science & technology 52 (24), 14311-14320, 2018
Toward microvascular network-embedded self-healing membranes
SR Kim, BA Getachew, JH Kim
Journal of Membrane Science 531, 94-102, 2017
Microbial population dynamics and profiling of quorum sensing agents in membrane bioreactor
H Waheed, I Hashmi, SJ Khan, SR Kim, M Arshad, H Nasir
International Biodeterioration & Biodegradation 113, 66-73, 2016
Synchronized methylene blue removal using Fenton-like reaction induced by phosphorous oxoanion and submerged plasma irradiation process
G Son, D Kim, JS Lee, H Kim, C Lee, SR Kim, H Lee
Journal of environmental management 206, 77-84, 2018
Improved stability of self-healing hydrogel pore-filled membranes with ionic cross-links
BA Getachew, SR Kim, JH Kim
Journal of Membrane Science 553, 1-9, 2018
High-performing antifouling bacterial consortium for submerged membrane bioreactor treating synthetic wastewater
H Waheed, S Pervez, I Hashmi, SJ Khan, SR Kim
International journal of environmental science and technology 15 (2), 395-404, 2018
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