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Biochar as an electron shuttle between bacteria and Fe (III) minerals
A Kappler, ML Wuestner, A Ruecker, J Harter, M Halama, S Behrens
Environmental Science & Technology Letters 1 (8), 339-344, 2014
Effects of salinity and wet–dry treatments on C and N dynamics in coastal-forested wetland soils: Implications of sea level rise
X Liu, A Ruecker, B Song, J Xing, WH Conner, AT Chow
Soil Biology and Biochemistry 112, 56-67, 2017
Extreme flooding mobilized dissolved organic matter from coastal forested wetlands
H Majidzadeh, H Uzun, A Ruecker, D Miller, J Vernon, H Zhang, S Bao, ...
Biogeochemistry 136, 293-309, 2017
A metagenomic-based survey of microbial (de) halogenation potential in a German forest soil
P Weigold, M El-Hadidi, A Ruecker, DH Huson, T Scholten, M Jochmann, ...
Scientific reports 6 (1), 28958, 2016
Predominance of biotic over abiotic formation of halogenated hydrocarbons in hypersaline sediments in Western Australia
A Ruecker, P Weigold, S Behrens, M Jochmann, J Laaks, A Kappler
Environmental science & technology 48 (16), 9170-9178, 2014
SIFT-MS optimization for atmospheric trace gas measurements at varying humidity
AS Lehnert, T Behrendt, A Ruecker, G Pohnert, SE Trumbore
Atmospheric Measurement Techniques 13 (7), 3507-3520, 2020
New Perspectives on CO2, Temperature, and Light Effects on BVOC Emissions Using Online Measurements by PTR-MS and Cavity Ring-Down Spectroscopy
J Huang, H Hartmann, H Hellén, A Wisthaler, E Perreca, A Weinhold, ...
Environmental science & technology 52 (23), 13811-13823, 2018
Insights into Carbon Metabolism Provided by Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization-Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry Imaging of an Autotrophic, Nitrate-Reducing, Fe …
C Tominski, T Lösekann-Behrens, A Ruecker, N Hagemann, ...
Applied and environmental microbiology 84 (9), e02166-17, 2018
Disinfection byproduct precursor dynamics and water treatability during an extreme flooding event in a coastal blackwater river in southeastern United States
A Ruecker, H Uzun, T Karanfil, MTK Tsui, AT Chow
Chemosphere 188, 90-98, 2017
Dynamics of dissolved organic matter and disinfection byproduct precursors along a low elevation gradient in woody wetlands-an implication of hydrologic impacts of climate …
H Chen, AM Rücker, Q Su, GD Blosser, X Liu, WH Conner, AT Chow
Water Research 181, 115908, 2020
Production of constitutive and induced secondary metabolites is coordinated with growth and storage in Norway spruce saplings
J Huang, A Rücker, A Schmidt, G Gleixner, J Gershenzon, S Trumbore, ...
Tree physiology 40 (7), 928-942, 2020
Concentration and isotopic composition of mercury in a blackwater river affected by extreme flooding events
MTK Tsui, H Uzun, A Ruecker, H Majidzadeh, Y Ulus, H Zhang, S Bao, ...
Limnology and Oceanography 65 (9), 2158-2169, 2020
Ribosomal tag pyrosequencing of DNA and RNA reveals “rare” taxa with high protein synthesis potential in the sediment of a hypersaline lake in Western Australia
P Weigold, A Ruecker, T Loesekann-Behrens, A Kappler, S Behrens
Geomicrobiology Journal 33 (5), 426-440, 2016
Halocarbon emissions from a degraded forested wetland in coastal South Carolina impacted by sea level rise
Y Jiao, A Ruecker, MJ Deventer, AT Chow, RC Rhew
ACS Earth and Space Chemistry 2 (10), 955-967, 2018
Metagenomic-and cultivation-based exploration of anaerobic chloroform biotransformation in hypersaline sediments as natural source of chloromethanes
P Peng, Y Lu, TNP Bosma, I Nijenhuis, B Nijsse, SA Shetty, A Ruecker, ...
Microorganisms 8 (5), 665, 2020
Molecular dynamics of foliar litter and dissolved organic matter during the decomposition process
H Chen, X Liu, GD Blosser, AM Rücker, WH Conner, AT Chow
Biogeochemistry 150, 17-30, 2020
Geochemistry and mineralogy of Western Australian salt lake sediments: implications for Meridiani Planum on Mars
A Ruecker, C Schröder, J Byrne, P Weigold, S Behrens, A Kappler
Astrobiology 16 (7), 525-538, 2016
Halogenated hydrocarbon formation in a moderately acidic salt lake in Western Australia–role of abiotic and biotic processes
A Ruecker, P Weigold, S Behrens, M Jochmann, XLO Barajas, A Kappler
Environmental Chemistry 12 (4), 406-414, 2015
Formation of chloroform and tetrachloroethene by Sinorhizobium meliloti strain 1021
P Weigold, A Ruecker, M Jochmann, XL Osorio Barajas, S Lege, ...
Letters in Applied Microbiology 61 (4), 346-353, 2015
Unique biogeochemical characteristics in coastal ghost forests–The transition from freshwater forested wetland to salt marsh under the influences of sea level rise
H Chen, AM Rücker, Y Liu, D Miller, JN Dai, JJ Wang, DO Suhre, LJ Kuo, ...
Soil & Environmental Health 1 (1), 100005, 2023
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