Kirsten Labudda
Kirsten Labudda
MRI Unit, GfE e.V. and Mara Hospital, Bethel Epilepsy Center
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Neuropsychological correlates of decision-making in ambiguous and risky situations
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Do amnesic patients with Korsakoff’s syndrome use feedback when making decisions under risky conditions? An experimental investigation with the Game of Dice Task with and …
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& Markowitsch, HJ (2004)
M Brand, K Labudda, E Kalbe, R Hilker, D Emmans, G Fuchs
Decision-making impairments in patients with Parkinson’s disease …, 6
Informing patients about the impact of provocation methods increases the rate of psychogenic nonepileptic seizures during EEG recording
R Hoepner, K Labudda, M Schoendienst, TW May, CG Bien, C Brandt
Epilepsy & Behavior 28 (3), 457-459, 2013
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