Michael Rose
Michael Rose
Prof. Dr. , Department of Systems Neuroscience
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Pathological gambling is linked to reduced activation of the mesolimbic reward system
J Reuter, T Raedler, M Rose, I Hand, J Gläscher, C Büchel
Nature neuroscience 8 (2), 147-148, 2005
Attention modulates spinal cord responses to pain
C Sprenger, F Eippert, J Finsterbusch, U Bingel, M Rose, C Büchel
Current Biology 22 (11), 1019-1022, 2012
The sleeping child outplays the adult's capacity to convert implicit into explicit knowledge
I Wilhelm, M Rose, KI Imhof, B Rasch, C Büchel, J Born
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fMRI reveals how pain modulates visual object processing in the ventral visual stream
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The role of medial temporal lobe structures in implicit learning: an event-related FMRI study
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Contributions of occipital, parietal and parahippocampal cortex to encoding of object-location associations
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Dissociable contributions within the medial temporal lobe to encoding of object-location associations
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Functional dissociation of hippocampal mechanism during implicit learning based on the domain of associations
M Rose, H Haider, N Salari, C Büchel
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The functional and temporal characteristics of top-down modulation in visual selection
M Rose, C Schmid, A Winzen, T Sommer, C Büchel
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The emergence of explicit memory during learning
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How to investigate insight: A proposal
H Haider, M Rose
Methods 42 (1), 49-57, 2007
Word order processing in the bilingual brain
D Saur, A Baumgaertner, A Moehring, C Büchel, M Bonnesen, M Rose, ...
Neuropsychologia 47 (1), 158-168, 2009
The transition from implicit to explicit representations in incidental learning situations: more evidence from high-frequency EEG coupling
JR Wessel, H Haider, M Rose
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Precursors of insight in event-related brain potentials
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Neural coupling binds visual tokens to moving stimuli
M Rose, C Büchel
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Unconscious detection of implicit expectancies
M Rose, H Haider, C Büchel
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Pain-specific modulation of hippocampal activity and functional connectivity during visual encoding
K Forkmann, K Wiech, C Ritter, T Sommer, M Rose, U Bingel
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Control of hand movements after striatocapsular stroke: high-resolution temporal analysis of the function of ipsilateral activation
R Verleger, S Adam, M Rose, C Vollmer, B Wauschkuhn, D Kömpf
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Perceptual load interacts with stimulus processing across sensory modalities
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Independent effects of emotion and working memory load on visual activation in the lateral occipital complex
J Gläscher, M Rose, C Büchel
Journal of Neuroscience 27 (16), 4366-4373, 2007
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