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Competing fractional quantum Hall and electron solid phases in graphene
S Chen, R Ribeiro-Palau, K Yang, K Watanabe, T Taniguchi, J Hone, ...
Physical review letters 122 (2), 026802, 2019
Exceptional Spin Liquids from Couplings to the Environment
K Yang, SC Morampudi, EJ Bergholtz
Physical Review Letters 126 (7), 077201, 2021
Simple Floquet-Wannier-Stark-Andreev viewpoint and emergence of low-energy scales in a voltage-biased three-terminal Josephson junction
R Mélin, JG Caputo, K Yang, B Douçot
Physical Review B 95 (8), 085415, 2017
Engineering the Floquet spectrum of superconducting multiterminal quantum dots
R Mélin, R Danneau, K Yang, JG Caputo, B Douçot
Physical Review B 100 (3), 035450, 2019
Topological lattice models with constant Berry curvature
D Varjas, A Abouelkomsan, K Yang, E Bergholtz
SciPost Physics 12 (4), 118, 2022
Berry phase in superconducting multiterminal quantum dots
B Douçot, R Danneau, K Yang, JG Caputo, R Mélin
Physical Review B 101 (3), 035411, 2020
Hamiltonian theory for quantum Hall systems in a tilted magnetic field: Composite-fermion geometry and robustness of activation gaps
K Yang, MO Goerbig, B Douçot
Physical Review B 98 (20), 205150, 2018
Quantum Metric Induced Phases in Moir\'e Materials
A Abouelkomsan, K Yang, EJ Bergholtz
arXiv preprint arXiv:2202.10467, 2022
Exceptional dynamics of interacting spin liquids
K Yang, D Varjas, EJ Bergholtz, S Morampudi, F Wilczek
Physical Review Research 4 (4), L042025, 2022
Collective excitations of quantum Hall states under tilted magnetic field
K Yang, MO Goerbig, B Douçot
Physical Review B 102 (4), 045145, 2020
Braid Protected Topological Band Structures with Unpaired Exceptional Points
JLK König, K Yang, JC Budich, EJ Bergholtz
arXiv preprint arXiv:2211.05788, 2022
Charge density waves and their transitions in anisotropic quantum Hall systems
Y He, K Yang, MO Goerbig, RSK Mong
Communications Physics 4 (1), 116, 2021
Emergent charge order instabilities in a moiré superlattice at fractional band filling
A Abouelkomsan, K Yang, I Mandal, E Bergholtz
Bulletin of the American Physical Society, 2023
Quantum geometry, particle-hole asymmetry and their applications in moiré materials with flat dispersion
K Yang, A Abouelkomsan, E Bergholtz
Bulletin of the American Physical Society, 2023
Superconductivity of repulsive spinless fermions with sublattice potentials
Y He, K Yang, JB Hauck, EJ Bergholtz, DM Kennes
Physical Review Research 5 (1), L012009, 2023
Enhanced eigenvector sensitivity and algebraic classification of sublattice-symmetric exceptional points
K Yang, I Mandal
arXiv preprint arXiv:2211.08449, 2022
Constant Berry curvature, GMP algebra and Chern insulators
K Yang, E Bergholtz, A Abouelkomsan, D Varjas
APS March Meeting Abstracts 2022, M70. 006, 2022
Moiré Superlattices at Fractional Band Fillings: Emergent Fermi Liquids, Charge Density Waves and Fractional Chern Insulators
A Abouelkomsan, Z Liu, K Yang, E Bergholtz
APS March Meeting Abstracts 2022, K56. 012, 2022
Spin liquids in open quantum systems
K Yang, S Morampudi, E Bergholtz
APS March Meeting Abstracts 2021, J46. 013, 2021
Geometric Aspects in the Hamiltonian Theory of the Fractional Quantum Hall Effect
K Yang
Sorbonne Université, 2019
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