Venkata Satya Raghu Ram Edupuganti
Venkata Satya Raghu Ram Edupuganti
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N6-methyladenosine (m6A) recruits and repels proteins to regulate mRNA homeostasis
RR Edupuganti, S Geiger, RGH Lindeboom, H Shi, PJ Hsu, Z Lu, ...
Nature structural & molecular biology 24 (10), 870-878, 2017
Higher chromatin mobility supports totipotency and precedes pluripotency in vivo
A Bošković, A Eid, J Pontabry, T Ishiuchi, C Spiegelhalter, EVSR Ram, ...
Genes & development 28 (10), 1042-1047, 2014
ZMYND8 co-localizes with NuRD on target genes and regulates poly (ADP-ribose)-dependent recruitment of GATAD2A/NuRD to sites of DNA damage
CG Spruijt, MS Luijsterburg, R Menafra, RGH Lindeboom, PWTC Jansen, ...
Cell reports 17 (3), 783-798, 2016
Snf2h-mediated chromatin organization and histone H1 dynamics govern cerebellar morphogenesis and neural maturation
M Alvarez-Saavedra, Y De Repentigny, PS Lagali, EVS Raghu Ram, ...
Nature communications 5 (1), 1-18, 2014
Nuclear gyrB encodes a functional subunit of the Plasmodium falciparum gyrase that is involved in apicoplast DNA replication
EVSR Ram, A Kumar, S Biswas, A Kumar, S Chaubey, MI Siddiqi, ...
Molecular and biochemical parasitology 154 (1), 30-39, 2007
Live imaging of induced and controlled DNA double-strand break formation reveals extremely low repair by homologous recombination in human cells
OD Shahar, EVS Ram, E Shimshoni, S Hareli, E Meshorer, M Goldberg
Oncogene 31 (30), 3495-3504, 2012
DNA organization by the apicoplast-targeted bacterial histone-like protein of Plasmodium falciparum
EVSR Ram, R Naik, M Ganguli, S Habib
Nucleic acids research 36 (15), 5061-5073, 2008
Heterochromatin Protein 1β (HP1β) has distinct functions and distinct nuclear distribution in pluripotent versus differentiated cells
A Mattout, Y Aaronson, BS Sailaja, EV Raghu Ram, A Harikumar, ...
Genome biology 16 (1), 1-21, 2015
Transcriptional competence in pluripotency
EVSR Ram, E Meshorer
Genes & development 23 (24), 2793-2798, 2009
Nuclear‐encoded DnaJ homologue of Plasmodium falciparum interacts with replication ori of the apicoplast genome
A Kumar, A Tanveer, S Biswas, EVSR Ram, A Gupta, B Kumar, S Habib
Molecular microbiology 75 (4), 942-956, 2010
Ythdf is a N6‐methyladenosine reader that modulates Fmr1 target mRNA selection and restricts axonal growth in Drosophila
L Worpenberg, C Paolantoni, S Longhi, MM Mulorz, T Lence, HH Wessels, ...
The EMBO journal 40 (4), e104975, 2021
Recruitment of the mammalian histone-modifying EMSY complex to target genes is regulated by ZNF131
RA Varier, EC de Santa Pau, P Van Der Groep, RGH Lindeboom, ...
Journal of Biological Chemistry 291 (14), 7313-7324, 2016
An endogenously tagged fluorescent fusion protein library in mouse embryonic stem cells
A Harikumar, RR Edupuganti, M Sorek, GK Azad, S Markoulaki, ...
Stem Cell Reports 9 (4), 1304-1314, 2017
Multiple replication origins within the inverted repeat region of the Plasmodium falciparum apicoplast genome are differentially activated
D Singh, A Kumar, EVSR Ram, S Habib
Molecular and biochemical parasitology 139 (1), 99-106, 2005
Alternative SET/TAFI promoters regulate embryonic stem cell differentiation
RR Edupuganti, A Harikumar, Y Aaronson, A Biran, BS Sailaja, ...
Stem Cell Reports 9 (4), 1291-1303, 2017
NuRD-interacting protein ZFP296 regulates genome-wide NuRD localization and differentiation of mouse embryonic stem cells
SL Kloet, ID Karemaker, L van Voorthuijsen, RGH Lindeboom, ...
Nature communications 9 (1), 1-11, 2018
Histone H1 eviction by the histone chaperone SET reduces cell survival following DNA damage
IK Mandemaker, D Zhou, ST Bruens, DH Dekkers, PJ Verschure, ...
Journal of cell science 133 (9), jcs235473, 2020
Integrator enforces the fidelity of transcriptional termination at protein-coding genes
LF Dasilva, E Blumenthal, F Beckedorff, PR Cingaram, ...
Science advances 7 (45), eabe3393, 2021
m6A reader Pho92 is recruited co-transcriptionally and couples translation efficacy to mRNA decay to promote meiotic fitness in yeast
RA Varier, T Sideri, C Capitanchik, Z Manova, E Calvani, A Rossi, ...
bioRxiv, 2022
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