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T Ulmar Grafe
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Field Guide to the Frogs of Borneo 3rd Edition
BF Inger, RB Steubing, TU Grafe, JM Dehling
Natural History Publications (Borneo), 2017
The function of call alternation in the African reed frog (Hyperolius marmoratus): precise call timing prevents auditory masking
TU Grafe
Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology 38, 149-158, 1996
The importance of environmental heterogeneity for species diversity and assemblage structure in Bornean stream frogs
A Keller, MO Rödel, KE Linsenmair, TU Grafe
Journal of Animal Ecology, 305-314, 2009
Costs and benefits of mate choice in the lek-breeding reed frog, Hyperolius marmoratus
TU Grafe
Animal Behaviour 53 (5), 1103-1117, 1997
Multimodal Communication in a Noisy Environment: A Case Study of the Bornean Rock Frog Staurois parvus
TU Grafe, D Preininger, M Sztatecsny, R Kasah, JM Dehling, S Proksch, ...
PloS one 7 (5), e37965, 2012
A novel resource–service mutualism between bats and pitcher plants
TU Grafe, CR Schöner, G Kerth, A Junaidi, MG Schöner
Biology Letters 7 (3), 436-439, 2011
Multimodal Signaling in Male and Female Foot‐Flagging Frogs Staurois guttatus (Ranidae): An Alerting Function of Calling
TU Grafe, TC Wanger
Ethology 113 (8), 772-781, 2007
Functions of duetting in the tropical boubou, Laniarius aethiopicus: territorial defence and mutual mate guarding
TU Grafe, JH Bitz
Animal Behaviour 68 (1), 193-201, 2004
Ultrasonic signalling by a Bornean frog
VS Arch, TU Grafe, PM Narins
Biology Letters 4 (1), 19-22, 2008
A function of synchronous chorusing and a novel female preference shift in an anuran
TU Grafe
Proceedings of the Royal Society of London. Series B: Biological Sciences …, 1999
Sticking under wet conditions: the remarkable attachment abilities of the torrent frog, Staurois guttatus
T Endlein, WJP Barnes, DS Samuel, NA Crawford, AB Biaw, U Grafe
PloS one 8 (9), e73810, 2013
Frogs flee from the sound of fire
TU Grafe, S Doebler, KE Linsenmair
Proceedings of the Royal Society of London. Series B: Biological Sciences …, 2002
Graded aggressive calls in the African painted reed frog Hyperolius marmoratus (Hyperoliidae)
TU Grafe
Ethology 101 (1), 67-81, 1995
Rapidly evolving traits and the comparative method: how important is testing for phylogenetic signal?
FE Rheindt, TU Grafe, E Abouheif
Evolutionary Ecology Research 6 (3), 377-396, 2004
Energetics of calling and metabolic substrate use during prolonged exercise in the European treefrog Hyla arborea
TU Grafe, J Thein
Journal of Comparative Physiology B 171, 69-76, 2001
Putting toe clipping into perspective: a viable method for marking anurans
TU Grafe, MM Stewart, KP Lampert, MO Rödel
Journal of Herpetology 45 (1), 28-35, 2011
Evidence for alternative trapping strategies in two forms of the pitcher plant, Nepenthes rafflesiana
U Bauer, TU Grafe, W Federle
Journal of Experimental Botany 62 (10), 3683-3692, 2011
Pure ultrasonic communication in an endemic Bornean frog
VS Arch, TU Grafe, M Gridi-Papp, PM Narins
PLoS One 4 (4), e5413, 2009
Anuran Choruses as Communication
TU Grafe
Animal communication networks, 277, 2005
Reproductive energetics of the African reed frogs, Hyperolius viridiflavus and Hyperolius marmoratus
TU Grafe, R Schmuck, KE Linsenmair
Physiological Zoology 65 (1), 153-171, 1992
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