Andrew Martin
Andrew Martin
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The evolving lexicon
AT Martin
University of California, Los Angeles, 2007
Mothers speak less clearly to infants than to adults: A comprehensive test of the hyperarticulation hypothesis
A Martin, T Schatz, M Versteegh, K Miyazawa, R Mazuka, E Dupoux, ...
Psychological science 26 (3), 341-347, 2015
A controlled trial of a behavioral and educational intervention following coronary artery bypass surgery.
B Oldenburg, A Martin, J Greenwood, L Bernstein, R Allan
Journal of cardiopulmonary rehabilitation 15 (1), 39-46, 1995
Learning phonemes with a protolexicon
A Martin, S Peperkamp, E Dupoux
Cognitive science 37 (1), 103-124, 2013
Shrub growth and expansion in the Arctic tundra: an assessment of controlling factors using an evidence-based approach
AC Martin, ES Jeffers, G Petrokofsky, I Myers-Smith, M Macias-Fauria
Environmental Research Letters 12 (8), 085007, 2017
Grammars leak: Modeling how phonotactic generalizations interact within the grammar
A Martin
Language 87 (4), 751-770, 2011
(Non) words,(non) words,(non) words: evidence for a protolexicon during the first year of life
C Ngon, A Martin, E Dupoux, D Cabrol, M Dutat, S Peperkamp
Developmental Science 16 (1), 24-34, 2013
Utterances in infant-directed speech are shorter, not slower
A Martin, Y Igarashi, N Jincho, R Mazuka
Cognition 156, 52-59, 2016
The multidimensional nature of hyperspeech: Evidence from Japanese vowel devoicing
A Martin, A Utsugi, R Mazuka
Cognition 132 (2), 216-228, 2014
Speech perception and phonology
A Martin, S Peperkamp
The Blackwell companion to phonology, 1-23, 2011
The Global Pollen Project: a new tool for pollen identification and the dissemination of physical reference collections
AC Martin, WJ Harvey
Methods in Ecology and Evolution 8 (7), 892-897, 2017
The effects of distance on lexical bias: sibilant harmony in Navajo compounds
AT Martin
University of California, Los Angeles, 2005
Vowels in infant-directed speech: More breathy and more variable, but not clearer
K Miyazawa, T Shinya, A Martin, H Kikuchi, R Mazuka
Cognition 166, 84-93, 2017
Are words easier to learn from infantthan adultdirected speech? A quantitative corpusbased investigation
A GuevaraRukoz, A Cristia, B Ludusan, R Thiollière, A Martin, R Mazuka, ...
Cognitive science 42 (5), 1586-1617, 2018
Loanwords as pseudo-compounds in Malagasy
A Martin
Proc. 12th Annual Conference of the Austronesian Formal Linguistics …, 2005
Learnability of prosodic boundaries: Is infant-directed speech easier?
B Ludusan, A Cristia, A Martin, R Mazuka, E Dupoux
The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 140 (2), 1239-1250, 2016
Structure and process for distributing SCSI LUN semantics across parallel distributed components
JM Reuter, ACS Martin, RF Wrenn
US Patent 7,051,122, 2006
The correlation of markedness and frequency: evidence from Latin and French
A Martin
PROCEEDINGS-NELS 37 (2), 87, 2008
Infant-directed speech as a window into the dynamic nature of phonology
R Mazuka, Y Igarashi, A Martin, A Utsugi
Laboratory Phonology 6 (3-4), 281-303, 2015
Is the mora rhythm of Japanese more strongly observed in infant-directed speech than in adult-directed speech?
K Tajima, K Tanaka, A Martin, R Mazuka
Proceedings of Meetings on Acoustics ICA2013 19 (1), 060093, 2013
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