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Complete nitrification by Nitrospira bacteria
H Daims, EV Lebedeva, P Pjevac, P Han, C Herbold, M Albertsen, ...
Nature 528 (7583), 504, 2015
Dysbiotic gut microbiota causes transmissible Crohn's disease-like ileitis independent of failure in antimicrobial defence
M Schaubeck, T Clavel, J Calasan, I Lagkouvardos, SB Haange, ...
Gut 65 (2), 225-237, 2016
Protein-based stable isotope probing (Protein-SIP) reveals active species within anoxic mixed cultures
N Jehmlich, F Schmidt, M Von Bergen, HH Richnow, C Vogt
The ISME journal 2 (11), 1122, 2008
Cyanate as an energy source for nitrifiers
M Palatinszky, C Herbold, N Jehmlich, M Pogoda, P Han, M von Bergen, ...
Nature 524 (7563), 105, 2015
Combined genomic and proteomic approaches identify gene clusters involved in anaerobic 2-methylnaphthalene degradation in the sulfate-reducing enrichment culture N47
D Selesi, N Jehmlich, M von Bergen, F Schmidt, T Rattei, P Tischler, ...
Journal of bacteriology 192 (1), 295-306, 2010
Protein-based stable isotope probing
N Jehmlich, F Schmidt, M Taubert, J Seifert, F Bastida, M Von Bergen, ...
nature protocols 5 (12), 1957, 2010
Incorporation of carbon and nitrogen atoms into proteins measured by protein‐based stable isotope probing (Protein‐SIP)
N Jehmlich, F Schmidt, M Hartwich, M von Bergen, HH Richnow, C Vogt
Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry 22 (18), 2889-2897, 2008
Soil fungal: bacterial ratios are linked to altered carbon cycling
AA Malik, S Chowdhury, V Schlager, A Oliver, J Puissant, PGM Vazquez, ...
Frontiers in microbiology 7, 1247, 2016
Improving protein extraction and separation methods for investigating the metaproteome of anaerobic benzene communities within sediments
D Benndorf, C Vogt, N Jehmlich, Y Schmidt, H Thomas, G Woffendin, ...
Biodegradation 20 (6), 737-750, 2009
Identification of periodontitis associated changes in the proteome of whole human saliva by mass spectrometric analysis
MG Salazar, N Jehmlich, A Murr, VM Dhople, B Holtfreter, E Hammer, ...
Journal of clinical periodontology 40 (9), 825-832, 2013
The ecological and physiological responses of the microbial community from a semiarid soil to hydrocarbon contamination and its bioremediation using compost amendment
F Bastida, N Jehmlich, K Lima, BEL Morris, HH Richnow, T Hernández, ...
Journal of proteomics 135, 162-169, 2016
Insights from quantitative metaproteomics and protein-stable isotope probing into microbial ecology
M Von Bergen, N Jehmlich, M Taubert, C Vogt, F Bastida, FA Herbst, ...
The ISME journal 7 (10), 1877, 2013
Elucidating MTBE degradation in a mixed consortium using a multidisciplinary approach
F Bastida, M Rosell, AG Franchini, J Seifert, S Finsterbusch, N Jehmlich, ...
FEMS microbiology ecology 73 (2), 370-384, 2010
Exercise training in patients with chronic heart failure promotes restoration of high-density lipoprotein functional properties
V Adams, C Besler, T Fischer, M Riwanto, F Noack, R Höllriegel, ...
Circulation research 113 (12), 1345-1355, 2013
Protein‐based stable isotope probing (protein‐SIP) in functional metaproteomics
J Seifert, M Taubert, N Jehmlich, F Schmidt, U Völker, C Vogt, ...
Mass spectrometry reviews 31 (6), 683-697, 2012
Bioinformatic progress and applications in metaproteogenomics for bridging the gap between genomic sequences and metabolic functions in microbial communities
J Seifert, FA Herbst, P Halkjær Nielsen, FJ Planes, N Jehmlich, M Ferrer, ...
Proteomics 13 (18-19), 2786-2804, 2013
Phenol degradation in the strictly anaerobic iron-reducing bacterium Geobacter metallireducens GS-15
KM Schleinitz, S Schmeling, N Jehmlich, M von Bergen, H Harms, ...
Appl. Environ. Microbiol. 75 (12), 3912-3919, 2009
Comparative evaluation of saliva collection methods for proteome analysis
C Golatowski, MG Salazar, VM Dhople, E Hammer, T Kocher, N Jehmlich, ...
Clinica chimica acta 419, 42-46, 2013
Snake venomics of the Siamese Russell's viper (Daboia russelli siamensis)—relation to pharmacological activities
M Risch, D Georgieva, M von Bergen, N Jehmlich, N Genov, RK Arni, ...
Journal of proteomics 72 (2), 256-269, 2009
The proteome of the isolated Chlamydia trachomatis containing vacuole reveals a complex trafficking platform enriched for retromer components
L Aeberhard, S Banhart, M Fischer, N Jehmlich, L Rose, S Koch, M Laue, ...
PLoS pathogens 11 (6), e1004883, 2015
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