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Kruppel-like factor 4 (KLF4) is required for maintenance of breast cancer stem cells and for cell migration and invasion
F Yu, J Li, H Chen, J Fu, S Ray, S Huang, H Zheng, W Ai
Oncogene 30 (18), 2161-2172, 2011
HOXB7, a homeodomain protein, is overexpressed in breast cancer and confers epithelial-mesenchymal transition
X Wu, H Chen, B Parker, E Rubin, T Zhu, JS Lee, P Argani, S Sukumar
Cancer research 66 (19), 9527-9534, 2006
CD49f and CD61 identify Her2/neu-induced mammary tumor-initiating cells that are potentially derived from luminal progenitors and maintained by the integrin–TGFβ signaling
PK Lo, D Kanojia, X Liu, UP Singh, FG Berger, Q Wang, H Chen
Oncogene 31 (21), 2614-2626, 2012
Oncogenic Wip1 phosphatase is inhibited by miR-16 in the DNA damage signaling pathway
X Zhang, G Wan, S Mlotshwa, V Vance, FG Berger, H Chen, X Lu
Cancer research 70 (18), 7176-7186, 2010
HOXA5-induced apoptosis in breast cancer cells is mediated by caspases 2 and 8
H Chen, S Chung, S Sukumar
Molecular and cellular biology 24 (2), 924-935, 2004
A role for the HOXB7 homeodomain protein in DNA repair
E Rubin, X Wu, T Zhu, JCY Cheung, H Chen, A Lorincz, RK Pandita, ...
Cancer research 67 (4), 1527-1535, 2007
Role of homeobox genes in normal mammary gland development and breast tumorigenesis
H Chen, S Sukumar
Journal of mammary gland biology and neoplasia 8 (2), 159-175, 2003
MicroRNAs in pathogenesis of breast cancer: Implications in diagnosis and treatment
NR Shah, H Chen
World journal of clinical oncology 5 (2), 48, 2014
HOXA5 acts directly downstream of retinoic acid receptor β and contributes to retinoic acid–induced apoptosis and growth inhibition
H Chen, H Zhang, J Lee, X Liang, X Wu, T Zhu, P Lo, X Zhang, S Sukumar
Cancer Research 67 (17), 8007-8013, 2007
Hoxb7 inhibits transgenic HER-2/neu–induced mouse mammary tumor onset but promotes progression and lung metastasis
H Chen, JS Lee, X Liang, H Zhang, T Zhu, Z Zhang, ME Taylor, C Zahnow, ...
Cancer research 68 (10), 3637-3644, 2008
HIV infection of choroid plexus in AIDS and asymptomatic HIV-infected patients suggests that the choroid plexus may be a reservoir of productive infection
CK Petito, H Chen, AR Mastri, J Torres-Munoz, B Roberts, C Wood
Journal of neurovirology 5 (6), 670-677, 1999
Electrospun fibrous scaffolds promote breast cancer cell alignment and epithelial–mesenchymal transition
S Saha, X Duan, L Wu, PK Lo, H Chen, Q Wang
Langmuir 28 (4), 2028-2034, 2012
Identification of transcriptional targets of HOXA5
H Chen, E Rubin, H Zhang, S Chung, CC Jie, E Garrett, S Biswal, ...
Journal of Biological Chemistry 280 (19), 19373-19380, 2005
HOX Genes—Emerging Stars in Cancer
H Chen, S Sukumar
Cancer biology & therapy 2 (5), 524-525, 2003
Comparisons of HIV-1 viral sequences in brain, choroid plexus and spleen: potential role of choroid plexus in the pathogenesis of HIV encephalitis
H Chen, C Wood, CK Petito
Journal of neurovirology 6 (6), 498-506, 2000
Deactivation of Akt by a small molecule inhibitor targeting pleckstrin homology domain and facilitating Akt ubiquitination
H Jo, PK Lo, Y Li, F Loison, S Green, J Wang, LE Silberstein, K Ye, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 108 (16), 6486-6491, 2011
Expansion of breast cancer stem cells with fibrous scaffolds
S Feng, X Duan, PK Lo, S Liu, X Liu, H Chen, Q Wang
Integrative Biology 5 (5), 768-777, 2013
In vitro tumorsphere formation assays
S Johnson, H Chen, PK Lo
Bio Protoc 3 (3), e325, 2013
HOXB7 promotes malignant progression by activating the TGFβ signaling pathway
S Liu, K Jin, Y Hui, J Fu, C Jie, S Feng, D Reisman, Q Wang, D Fan, ...
Cancer research 75 (4), 709-719, 2015
A novel double-negative feedback loop between miR-489 and the HER2-SHP2-MAPK signaling axis regulates breast cancer cell proliferation and tumor growth
Y Patel, N Shah, JS Lee, E Markoutsa, C Jie, S Liu, R Botbyl, D Reisman, ...
Oncotarget 7 (14), 18295, 2016
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