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Metabolic and co-metabolic transformation of diclofenac by Enterobacter hormaechei D15 isolated from activated sludge
S Aissaoui, H Ouled-Haddar, M Sifour, K Harrouche, H Sghaier
Current microbiology 74 (3), 381-388, 2017
Production and Caracterization of Bacteriocin of Lactobacillus plantarum F12 with Inhibitory Activity against Listeria monocytogenes
M Sifour, I Tayeb, HO Haddar, H Namous, S Aissaoui
TOJSAT 2 (1), 55-61, 2012
Biodegradation of native feather keratin by Bacillus subtilis recombinant strains
H Ouled Haddar, TI Zaghloul, HM Saeed
Biodegradation 20 (5), 687-694, 2009
Biological removal of the mixed pharmaceuticals: diclofenac, ibuprofen, and sulfamethoxazole using a bacterial consortium
S Aissaoui, H Ouled-Haddar, M Sifour, C Beggah, F Benhamada
Iranian Journal of Biotechnology 15 (2), 135, 2017
Optimization of bacitracin production by Bacillus licheniformis B5.
HO Haddar, GM Aziz, MH Al-Gelawi
Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences: PJBS 10 (6), 972-976, 2007
Production of biosurfactants from two Bacillus species
M Sifour, H Ouled-Haddar, GM Aziz
Egypt J Aquat Res 31, 142-148, 2005
Isolation, characterization and microencapsulation of probiotic Lactobacillus curvatus G7 from chicken crop
H Ouled-Haddar, T Idoui, M Sifour, M Guezira, M Bouthabet
TOJSAT 2 (1), 1-6, 2012
Probiotic properties and antioxidant efficiency of Lactobacillus plantarum 15 isolated from milk
K Riane, M Sifour, H Ouled-Haddar, T Idoui, S Bounar, S Boussebt
Journal of Microbiology, Biotechnology and Food Sciences 9 (5), 516-520, 2019
Expression of alkaline proteinase gene in two recombinant Bacillus cereus feather-degrading strains
H Ouled-Haddar, TI Zaghloul, HM Saeed
Folia microbiologica 55 (1), 23-27, 2010
Effect of probiotic supplementation on oxidative stress markers in rats with diclofenac-induced hepatotoxicity
K Riane, M Sifour, H Ouled-Haddar, C Espinosa, MA Esteban, M Lahouel
Brazilian Journal of Microbiology, 1-8, 2020
Extraction and purification of bacitracin by the locally isolated Bacillus licheniformis bacteria and study of its antimicrobial activity
H Ouled Hadder, MH El-Gilawi, GM Aziz
Iraqi J Biotechnol 2, 82-93, 2004
Toxicity assessment of diclofenac and its biodegradation metabolites toward mice
S Aissaoui, M Sifour, H Ouled-Haddar, L Benguedouar, M Lahouel
Toxicology and Environmental Health Sciences 9 (5), 284-290, 2017
The RadioP1–an integrative web resource for radioresistant prokaryotes
C Benhamda, A Benkahla, SB Miled, H Ouled-Haddar, ...
Evolution of Ionizing Radiation Research; Nenoi, M., Ed.; InTechOpen: London …, 2015
Assessment of Streptococcus salivarius sp thermophiles Antioxidant Efficiency and its Role in Reducing Paracetamol Hepatotoxicity
K Riane, H Ouled-Haddar, M Alyane, M Sifour, C Espinosa, MA Esteban
Iranian Journal of Biotechnology 17 (4), e2061, 2019
Effect of different food stress conditions on the viability of encapsulated Lactobacillus plantarum and Lactobacillus casei isolated from klila (an algerian traditional …
S Amira, M Sifour, H Ouled-Haddar, S Hadef, T Khennouf, G Mauriello, ...
Journal of Microbiology, Biotechnology and Food Sciences 9 (1), 38-43, 2019
Microbial removal of sulfamethoxazole by pure bacterial cultures isolated from the environment
S Aissaoui, M Sifour, H Ouled-Haddar, H Sghaier, B Jamoussi
JEMS 8 (6), 2147-2153, 2017
Lactobacillus plantarum G1 microencapsulation enhanced its viability during storage and gastrointestinal transit
H Ouled-Haddar, M Sifour, T Idoui, H Bouridane, S Arid
Sains Malays 45, 1049-1055, 2016
In Vitro removal of electronic and electrical wastes by fungi isolated from soil at Annaba Area in Northeast of Algeria
G Bourzama, N Iratni, N Ennaghra, H Ouled-Haddar, B Soumati, K Amour, ...
Environment and Natural Resources Journal 19 (4), 302-309, 2021
Scrophularia Tenuipes Coss and Durieu: Phytochemical Composition and Biological Activities
Z Chaibeddra, S Akkal, H Ouled-Haddar, AMS Silva, A Zellagui, M Sebti, ...
Molecules 25 (7), 1647, 2020
Screening of some factors affecting bacteriocin production from Lactobacillus curvatus G6 using Plackett-Burman design res rev
M Sifour, H Ouled-Haddar, T Idoui, S Aissaoui, H Namous
Biosci 8, 386-393, 2014
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