Emanuele G. Dalla Torre
Emanuele G. Dalla Torre
Professor of Physics, Bar-Ilan University
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Cytowane przez
Cytowane przez
Hidden order in 1D Bose insulators
EG Dalla Torre, E Berg, E Altman
Physical review letters 97 (26), 260401, 2006
Introduction to the Dicke Model: From Equilibrium to Nonequilibrium, and Vice Versa
P Kirton, MM Roses, J Keeling, EG Dalla Torre
Advanced Quantum Technologies 2 (1-2), 1970013, 2019
Keldysh approach for nonequilibrium phase transitions in quantum optics: Beyond the Dicke model in optical cavities
EG Dalla Torre, S Diehl, MD Lukin, S Sachdev, P Strack
Physical Review A 87 (2), 023831, 2013
Rise and fall of hidden string order of lattice bosons
E Berg, EG Dalla Torre, T Giamarchi, E Altman
Physical Review B 77 (24), 245119, 2008
Quantum critical states and phase transitions in the presence of non-equilibrium noise
EG Dalla Torre, E Demler, T Giamarchi, E Altman
Nature Physics 6 (10), 806-810, 2010
Dissipative preparation of spin squeezed atomic ensembles in a steady state
EG Dalla Torre, J Otterbach, E Demler, V Vuletic, MD Lukin
Physical review letters 110 (12), 120402, 2013
Quantum correlations and entanglement in far-from-equilibrium spin systems
KRA Hazzard, M van den Worm, M Foss-Feig, SR Manmana, ...
Physical Review A 90 (6), 063622, 2014
Dynamical stability of a many-body Kapitza pendulum
R Citro, EG Dalla Torre, L D’Alessio, A Polkovnikov, M Babadi, T Oka, ...
Annals of Physics 360, 694-710, 2015
Dynamics and universality in noise-driven dissipative systems
EG Dalla Torre, E Demler, T Giamarchi, E Altman
Physical Review B 85 (18), 184302, 2012
Universal rephasing dynamics after a quantum quench via sudden coupling of two initially independent condensates
EG Dalla Torre, E Demler, A Polkovnikov
Physical review letters 110 (9), 090404, 2013
Identification of symmetry-protected topological states on noisy quantum computers
D Azses, R Haenel, Y Naveh, R Raussendorf, E Sela, EG Dalla Torre
Physical Review Letters 125 (12), 120502, 2020
Nonlocal order in elongated dipolar gases
J Ruhman, EG Dalla Torre, SD Huber, E Altman
Physical Review B 85 (12), 125121, 2012
Friedel oscillations as a probe of fermionic quasiparticles
EG Dalla Torre, D Benjamin, Y He, D Dentelski, E Demler
Physical Review B 93 (20), 205117, 2016
Dicke phase transition without total spin conservation
EG Dalla Torre, Y Shchadilova, EY Wilner, MD Lukin, E Demler
Physical Review A 94 (6), 061802, 2016
Persistent coherent beating in coupled parametric oscillators
L Bello, MC Strinati, EG Dalla Torre, A Pe’er
Physical review letters 123 (8), 083901, 2019
Unstable Avoided Crossing in Coupled Spinor Condensates
NR Bernier, EG Dalla Torre, E Demler
Phys. Rev. Lett. 113, 065303, 2014
Effects of an exceptional point on the dynamics of a single particle in a time-dependent harmonic trap
R Uzdin, EG Dalla Torre, R Kosloff, N Moiseyev
Physical Review A 88 (2), 022505, 2013
Characterizations of prethermal states in periodically driven many-body systems with unbounded chaotic diffusion
A Rajak, I Dana, EG Dalla Torre
Physical Review B 100 (10), 100302, 2019
Stability and pre-thermalization in chains of classical kicked rotors
A Rajak, R Citro, EG Dalla Torre
J. Phys. A: Math. Theor. 51, 465001, 2018
Kibble-Zurek scaling in periodically driven quantum systems
A Russomanno, EG Dalla Torre
EPL (Europhysics Letters) 115 (3), 30006, 2016
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