Lindsey Barske
Lindsey Barske
Assistant Professor of Human Genetics, Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center
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The western painted turtle genome, a model for the evolution of extreme physiological adaptations in a slowly evolving lineage
H Bradley Shaffer, P Minx, DE Warren, AM Shedlock, RC Thomson, ...
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Frequency of mononuclear diploid cardiomyocytes underlies natural variation in heart regeneration
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LA Barske, B Capel
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Blurring the edges in vertebrate sex determination
LA Barske, B Capel
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A timecourse analysis of systemic and gonadal effects of temperature on sexual development of the red-eared slider turtle Trachemys scripta elegans
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LINE-1 methylation in plasma DNA as a biomarker of activity of DNA methylation inhibitors in patients with solid tumors
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Competition between Jagged-Notch and Endothelin1 signaling selectively restricts cartilage formation in the zebrafish upper face
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Essential role of Nr2f nuclear receptors in patterning the vertebrate upper jaw
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Iroquois proteins promote skeletal joint formation by maintaining chondrocytes in an immature state
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Developmental cell 35 (3), 358-365, 2015
Peri-arterial specification of vascular mural cells from naïve mesenchyme requires Notch signaling
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YT Lin, L Barske, T DeFalco, B Capel
Development 144 (9), 1607-1618, 2017
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