Klaus D. Jandt
Klaus D. Jandt
Professor and Chair of Materials Science, Friedrich Schiller University Jena
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Microstructural evolution of melt intercalated polymer− organically modified layered silicates nanocomposites
RA Vaia, KD Jandt, EJ Kramer, EP Giannelis
Chemistry of Materials 8 (11), 2628-2635, 1996
Restorative Dentistry: Dental composite depth of cure with halogen and blue light emitting diode technology
RW Mills, KD Jandt, SH Ashworth
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Depth of cure and compressive strength of dental composites cured with blue light emitting diodes (LEDs)
KD Jandt, RW Mills, GB Blackwell, SH Ashworth
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Light-emitting diode (LED) polymerisation of dental composites: flexural properties and polymerisation potential
F Stahl, SH Ashworth, KD Jandt, RW Mills
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Does the nanometre scale topography of titanium influence protein adsorption and cell proliferation?
K Cai, J Bossert, KD Jandt
Colloids and surfaces B: Biointerfaces 49 (2), 136-144, 2006
Polysaccharide-protein surface modification of titanium via a layer-by-layer technique: characterization and cell behaviour aspects
K Cai, A Rechtenbach, J Hao, J Bossert, KD Jandt
Biomaterials 26 (30), 5960-5971, 2005
Atomic force microscopy of biomaterials surfaces and interfaces
KD Jandt
Surface Science 491 (3), 303-332, 2001
Surface functionalized titanium thin films: zeta-potential, protein adsorption and cell proliferation
K Cai, M Frant, J Bossert, G Hildebrand, K Liefeith, KD Jandt
Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces 50 (1), 1-8, 2006
Mineralisation of chitosan scaffolds with nano-apatite formation by double diffusion technique
I Manjubala, S Scheler, J Bössert, KD Jandt
Acta biomaterialia 2 (1), 75-84, 2006
Human plasma fibrinogen adsorption on ultraflat titanium oxide surfaces studied with atomic force microscopy
P Cacciafesta, ADL Humphris, KD Jandt, MJ Miles
Langmuir 16 (21), 8167-8175, 2000
Future perspectives of resin-based dental materials
KD Jandt, BW Sigusch
Dental materials 25 (8), 1001-1006, 2009
Temperature-sensitive PVA/PNIPAAm semi-IPN hydrogels with enhanced responsive properties
JT Zhang, R Bhat, KD Jandt
Acta Biomaterialia 5 (1), 488-497, 2009
High power light emitting diode (LED) arrays versus halogen light polymerization of oral biomaterials: Barcol hardness, compressive strength and radiometric properties
RW Mills, A Uhl, GB Blackwell, KD Jandt
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Polymerization and light-induced heat of dental composites cured with LED and halogen technology
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Photoinitiator dependent composite depth of cure and Knoop hardness with halogen and LED light curing units
A Uhl, RW Mills, KD Jandt
Biomaterials 24 (10), 1787-1795, 2003
In vitro demineralization/remineralization cycles at human tooth enamel surfaces investigated by AFM and nanoindentation
F Lippert, DM Parker, KD Jandt
Journal of colloid and interface science 280 (2), 442-448, 2004
Second generation LEDs for the polymerization of oral biomaterials
A Uhl, BW Sigusch, KD Jandt
Dental Materials 20 (1), 80-87, 2004
Human enamel dissolution in citric acid as a function of pH in the range 2.30≤ pH≤ 6.30–a nanoindentation study
ME Barbour, DM Parker, GC Allen, KD Jandt
European journal of oral sciences 111 (3), 258-262, 2003
Surface structure and composition of flat titanium thin films as a function of film thickness and evaporation rate
K Cai, M Müller, J Bossert, A Rechtenbach, KD Jandt
Applied Surface Science 250 (1-4), 252-267, 2005
A brief history of LED photopolymerization
KD Jandt, RW Mills
Dental Materials 29 (6), 605-617, 2013
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