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Dara Feili
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Encapsulation of organic field effect transistors for flexible biomedical microimplants
D Feili, M Schuettler, T Doerge, S Kammer, T Stieglitz
Sensors and Actuators A: Physical 120 (1), 101-109, 2005
Flexible organic field effect transistors for biomedical microimplants using polyimide and parylene C as substrate and insulator layers
D Feili, M Schuettler, T Doerge, S Kammer, KP Hoffmann, T Stieglitz
Journal of micromechanics and microengineering 16 (8), 1555, 2006
Indium-tin-oxide single-nanowire gas sensor fabricated via laser writing and subsequent etching
M Afshar, EM Preiß, T Sauerwald, M Rodner, D Feili, M Straub, K König, ...
Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical 215, 525-535, 2015
Surface plasmon polariton model of high-spatial frequency laser-induced periodic surface structure generation in silicon
M Straub, M Afshar, D Feili, H Seidel, K König
Journal of Applied Physics 111 (12), 124315, 2012
Periodic nanostructures on Si (100) surfaces generated by high-repetition rate sub-15 fs pulsed near-infrared laser light
M Straub, M Afshar, D Feili, H Seidel, K König
Optics letters 37 (2), 190-192, 2012
Electrical crosstalk in two-port piezoelectric resonators and compensation solutions
HC Qiu, P Schwarz, H Völlm, D Feili, XZ Wu, H Seidel
Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering 23 (4), 045007, 2013
Sub-100 nm material processing and imaging with a sub-15 femtosecond laser scanning microscope
K König, A Uchugonova, M Straub, H Zhang, M Licht, M Afshar, D Feili, ...
J. Laser Appl 24 (4), 042009, 2012
Sub-100 nm structuring of indium-tin-oxide thin films by sub-15 femtosecond pulsed near-infrared laser light
M Afshar, M Straub, H Voellm, D Feili, K Koenig, H Seidel
Optics letters 37 (4), 563-565, 2012
Matrix-addressable, active electrode arrays for neural stimulation using organic semiconductors—cytotoxicity and pilot experiments in vivo
D Feili, M Schuettler, T Stieglitz
Journal of neural engineering 5 (1), 68, 2007
Efficient nanostructure formation on silicon surfaces and in indium tin oxide thin films by sub-15 fs pulsed near-infrared laser light
M Straub, M Afshar, D Feili, H Seidel, K König
Physics Procedia 12, 16-23, 2011
Electrical performance analysis and characterization of two port piezoelectric resonators
HC Qiu, P Schwarz, D Feili, S Merzsch, E Peiner, XZ Wu, H Seidel
Microsystem Technologies, 2012
Resonance-mode effect on piezoelectric microcantilever performance in air, with a focus on the torsional modes
Q Hua-Cheng, D Feili, W Xue-Zhong, H Seidel
Chinese Physics B 23 (2), 027701, 2013
Periodic subwavelength ripples on lithium niobate surfaces generated by tightly focused sub-15 femtosecond sub-nanojoule pulsed near-infrared laser light
M Straub, B Weigand, M Afshar, D Feili, H Seidel, K König
Journal of Optics 15 (5), 055601, 2013
Vacuum pressure and gas detection with a silicon based micromechanical squeeze film sensor
P Schwarz, D Feili, R Engel, N Pagel, H Seidel
Procedia Engineering 5, 750-753, 2010
DB Dark
The Daddies, 2018
Electrical and morphological characterization of platinum thin-films with various adhesion layers for high temperature applications
A Ababneh, AN Al-Omari, AMK Dagamseh, M Tantawi, C Pauly, ...
Microsystem Technologies 23 (3), 703-709, 2017
Cells having cavities and the manufacture and use of the same
H Völlm, U Schmid, A Schütze, H Seidel, D Feili
US Patent 9,498,777, 2016
Multiphoton lithography and ITO structuring by high repetition-rate sub-15 femtosecond laser pulses
M Afshar, S Saremi, H Völlm, D Feili, H Seidel, M Straub, H Zhang, ...
Laser Applications in Microelectronic and Optoelectronic Manufacturing …, 2011
Current developments in clinical multiphoton tomography
K König, M Weinigel, HG Breunig, A Gregory, P Fischer, M Kellner-Höfer, ...
Multiphoton Microscopy in the Biomedical Sciences X 7569, 756915, 2010
Resonant-mode effect on fluidic damping of piezoelectric microcantilevers vibrating in an infinite viscous gaseous environment
H Qiu, D Feili, X Wu, H Seidel
Sensors and Actuators A: Physical 232, 1-7, 2015
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