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IDTxl: The Information Dynamics Toolkit xl: a Python package for the efficient analysis of multivariate information dynamics in networks
P Wollstadt, JT Lizier, R Vicente, C Finn, M Martınez-Zarzuela, P Mediano, ...
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Large-scale directed network inference with multivariate transfer entropy and hierarchical statistical testing
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A mathematical perspective on edge-centric brain functional connectivity
L Novelli, A Razi
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Inferring network properties from time series using transfer entropy and mutual information: Validation of multivariate versus bivariate approaches
L Novelli, JT Lizier
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Assessing the significance of directed and multivariate measures of linear dependence between time series
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Deriving pairwise transfer entropy from network structure and motifs
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Effective connectivity of functionally anticorrelated networks under lysergic acid diethylamide
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Exact inference of linear dependence between multiple autocorrelated time series
OM Cliff, L Novelli, BD Fulcher, JM Shine, JT Lizier
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Spectral dynamic causal modeling: A didactic introduction and its relationship with functional connectivity
L Novelli, K Friston, A Razi
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Dynamic reorganization of the cortico-basal ganglia-thalamo-cortical network during task learning
Y Sych, A Fomins, L Novelli, F Helmchen
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Effective connectivity of emotion and cognition under psilocybin
D Stoliker, L Novelli, FX Vollenweider, G Egan, K Preller, A Razi
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Depression in Premanifest Huntington’s Disease: Effective Connectivity of Striatum and Default Mode Network
T Barta, L Novelli, N Georgiou-Karistianis, J Stout, S Loi, ...
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Neural Mechanisms of Resting-State Networks and the Amygdala underlying the Cognitive and Emotional Effects of Psilocybin
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Structurally informed resting-state effective connectivity recapitulates cortical hierarchy
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Minimum-phase property of the hemodynamic response function, and implications for Granger Causality in fMRI
L Novelli, L Barnett, A Seth, A Razi
arXiv preprint arXiv:2312.01833, 2023
The role of the Default Mode Network and Striatal Circuits in the Expression of Depressive Symptoms in Premanifest Huntington’s Disease
T Barta, L Novelli, N Georgiou‐Karistianis, J Stout, SM Loi, ...
Alzheimer's & Dementia 19, e074410, 2023
Longitudinal Effective Connectivity Changes in the Default Mode Network in Young‐Onset Alzheimer’s Disease Variants
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Hierarchical Bayesian inference for community detection and connectivity of functional brain networks
L Bian, N Wang, L Novelli, J Keith, A Razi
arXiv preprint arXiv:2301.07386, 2023
Relating network structure and function via information theory
L Novelli
University of Sydney, 2020
Nested empirical Bayes models of resting-state effective connectivity
MD Greaves, L Novelli, A Razi
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