Vladimir Golub
Vladimir Golub
Head of Department, Institute of Magntism
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Magnetic switch of permeability for polyelectrolyte microcapsules embedded with Co@ Au nanoparticles
Z Lu, MD Prouty, Z Guo, VO Golub, CSSR Kumar, YM Lvov
Langmuir 21 (5), 2042-2050, 2005
The synthesis of core–shell iron@ gold nanoparticles and their characterization
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Magnetic bio/nanoreactor with multilayer shells of glucose oxidase and inorganic nanoparticles
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Solid state coordination chemistry: one-, two-, and three-dimensional materials constructed from molybdophosphonate subunits linked through binuclear copper tetra-2 …
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A general route to macroscopic hierarchical 3D nanowire networks
D Wang, H Luo, R Kou, MP Gil, S Xiao, VO Golub, Z Yang, CJ Brinker, ...
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Solid-State Coordination Chemistry of the Oxomolybdate− Organodiphosphonate/Nickel− Organoimine System: Structural Influences of the Secondary Metal Coordination Cation and …
E Burkholder, V Golub, CJ O'connor, J Zubieta
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Annealing effects on the magnetic properties of nanocrystalline zinc ferrite
LD Tung, V Kolesnichenko, G Caruntu, D Caruntu, Y Remond, VO Golub, ...
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A building block approach to the synthesis of organic–inorganic oxide materials: the hydrothermal synthesis and network structure of [{Ni 4 (tpypyz) 3}{Mo 5 O 15 (O 3 PCH 2 CH …
E Burkholder, V Golub, CJ O'Connor, J Zubieta
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Phase Separation in the Itinerant Metamagnetic Transition of
ZQ Mao, M Zhou, J Hooper, V Golub, CJ O’Connor
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Inorganic− Organic Hybrid Materials Containing Porous Frameworks: Synthesis, Characterization, and Magnetic Properties of the Open Framework Solids [{Co (4, 4 ‘-Bipy)} V2O6 …
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Ferromagnetism in chromium-doped reduced-rutile titanium dioxide thin films
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Origin of fourfold anisotropy in square lattices of circular ferromagnetic dots
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Spectral dependence of Faraday rotation in magnetite-polymer nanocomposites
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Hydrothermal synthesis of a one-dimensional bimetallic, mixed valence oxide [{Cu4 (terpy) 4 (PO4)(H2O) 2}{W10 (VI) W2 (V) O36 (PO4)}]· 5H2O, a material constructed from …
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Anomalous magnetoresistance in thin films
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Functionalized Metal Oxide Clusters: Synthesis, Characterization, Crystal Structures, and Magnetic Properties of a Novel Series of Fully Reduced Heteropolyoxovanadium Cationic …
MI Khan, S Tabussum, RJ Doedens, VO Golub, CJ O'Connor
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Anion influences on the construction of one-dimensional structures of the Cu (II)–bisterpy family (bisterpy= 2, 2′: 4′, 4 ″: 2 ″, 2‴-quarterpyridyl, 6′, 6 ″-di-2-pyridiine)
BK Koo, L Bewley, V Golub, RS Rarig, E Burkholder, CJ O'Connor, ...
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Preparation, structural characterization, and dynamic properties investigation of permalloy antidot arrays
A Vovk, L Malkinski, V Golub, S Whittenburg, C O’Connor, JS Jung, ...
Journal of applied physics 97 (10), 10J506, 2005
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