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Identification of xanthurenic acid as the putative inducer of malaria development in the mosquito
O Billker, V Lindo, M Panico, AE Etienne, T Paxton, A Dell, M Rogers, ...
Nature 392 (6673), 289-292, 1998
Calcium and a calcium-dependent protein kinase regulate gamete formation and mosquito transmission in a malaria parasite
O Billker, S Dechamps, R Tewari, G Wenig, B Franke-Fayard, ...
Cell 117 (4), 503-514, 2004
A cascade of DNA-binding proteins for sexual commitment and development in Plasmodium
A Sinha, KR Hughes, KK Modrzynska, TD Otto, C Pfander, NJ Dickens, ...
Nature 507 (7491), 253-257, 2014
Functional profiling of a Plasmodium genome reveals an abundance of essential genes
E Bushell, AR Gomes, T Sanderson, B Anar, G Girling, C Herd, T Metcalf, ...
Cell 170 (2), 260-272. e8, 2017
Calcium-dependent signaling and kinases in apicomplexan parasites
O Billker, S Lourido, LD Sibley
Cell host & microbe 5 (6), 612-622, 2009
Heparan sulfate proteoglycans provide a signal to Plasmodium sporozoites to stop migrating and productively invade host cells
A Coppi, R Tewari, JR Bishop, BL Bennett, R Lawrence, JD Esko, ...
Cell host & microbe 2 (5), 316-327, 2007
The conserved plant sterility gene HAP2 functions after attachment of fusogenic membranes in Chlamydomonas and Plasmodium gametes
Y Liu, R Tewari, J Ning, AM Blagborough, S Garbom, J Pei, NV Grishin, ...
Genes & development 22 (8), 1051-1068, 2008
The systematic functional analysis of Plasmodium protein kinases identifies essential regulators of mosquito transmission
R Tewari, U Straschil, A Bateman, U Böhme, I Cherevach, P Gong, A Pain, ...
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A comprehensive evaluation of rodent malaria parasite genomes and gene expression
TD Otto, U Böhme, AP Jackson, M Hunt, B Franke-Fayard, ...
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Gametogenesis in malaria parasites is mediated by the cGMP-dependent protein kinase
L McRobert, CJ Taylor, W Deng, QL Fivelman, RM Cummings, SD Polley, ...
PLoS Biol 6 (6), e139, 2008
The dynamics of interactions between Plasmodium and the mosquito: a study of the infectivity of Plasmodium berghei and Plasmodium gallinaceum, and their transmission by …
Y Alavi, M Arai, J Mendoza, M Tufet-Bayona, R Sinha, K Fowler, O Billker, ...
International journal for parasitology 33 (9), 933-943, 2003
The roles of temperature, pH and mosquito factors as triggers of male and female gametogenesis of Plasmodium berghei in vitro
O Billker, MK Shaw, G Margos, RE Sinden
Parasitology 115 (1), 1-7, 1997
Regulation of infectivity of Plasmodium to the mosquito vector
RE Sinden, GA Butcher, O Billker, SL Fleck
Advances in parasitology 38, 53-117, 1996
Plasmodium berghei calcium‐dependent protein kinase 3 is required for ookinete gliding motility and mosquito midgut invasion
I Siden‐Kiamos, A Ecker, S Nybäck, C Louis, RE Sinden, O Billker
Molecular microbiology 60 (6), 1355-1363, 2006
Single-cell RNA-seq and computational analysis using temporal mixture modelling resolves Th1/Tfh fate bifurcation in malaria
T Lönnberg, V Svensson, KR James, D Fernandez-Ruiz, I Sebina, ...
Science immunology 2 (9), 2017
Phosphoinositide metabolism links cGMP-dependent protein kinase G to essential Ca 2+ signals at key decision points in the life cycle of malaria parasites
M Brochet, MO Collins, TK Smith, E Thompson, S Sebastian, K Volkmann, ...
PLoS Biol 12 (3), e1001806, 2014
Protein kinases of malaria parasites: an update
C Doerig, O Billker, T Haystead, P Sharma, AB Tobin, NC Waters
Trends in parasitology 24 (12), 570-577, 2008
A NIMA-related protein kinase is essential for completion of the sexual cycle of malaria parasites
L Reininger, O Billker, R Tewari, A Mukhopadhyay, C Fennell, ...
Journal of Biological Chemistry 280 (36), 31957-31964, 2005
A cyclic GMP signalling module that regulates gliding motility in a malaria parasite
RW Moon, CJ Taylor, C Bex, R Schepers, D Goulding, CJ Janse, ...
PLoS Pathog 5 (9), e1000599, 2009
An atypical mitogen‐activated protein kinase controls cytokinesis and flagellar motility during male gamete formation in a malaria parasite
R Tewari, D Dorin, R Moon, C Doerig, O Billker
Molecular microbiology 58 (5), 1253-1263, 2005
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