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AFLP markers as a tool to reconstruct complex relationships: A case study in Rosa (Rosaceae)
WJM Koopman, V Wissemann, K De Cock, J Van Huylenbroeck, ...
American Journal of Botany 95 (3), 353-366, 2008
The genus Rosa (Rosoideae, Rosaceae) revisited: molecular analysis of nrITS-1 and atpB-rbcL intergenic spacer (IGS) versus conventional taxonomy
V Wissemann, CM Ritz
Botanical journal of the Linnean Society 147 (3), 275-290, 2005
Evolution by Reticulation: European Dogroses Originated by Multiple Hybridization Across the Genus Rosa
CM Ritz, H Schmuths, V Wissemann
Journal of Heredity 96 (1), 4-14, 2005
Exkursionsflora von Deutschland
EJ Jäger, F Müller, CM Ritz, E Welk, K Wesche
Exkursionsflora von Deutschland, 8-791, 2013
Rothmaler-Exkursionsflora von Deutschland: Krautige Zier-und Nutzpflanzen
EJ Jäger, F Ebel, P Hanelt, GK Müller
Springer-Verlag, 2016
Further support for the phylogenetic relationships within Euphorbia L.(Euphorbiaceae) from nrITS and trnL–trnF IGS sequence data
NFA Zimmermann, CM Ritz, FH Hellwig
Plant Systematics and Evolution 286 (1-2), 39-58, 2010
Rothmaler-Exkursionsflora von Deutschland, Gefäßpflanzen: Atlasband
EJ Jäger, F Müller, C Ritz, E Welk, K Wesche
Springer-Verlag, 2017
The molecular phylogeny of Rebutia (Cactaceae) and its allies demonstrates the influence of paleogeography on the evolution of South American mountain cacti
CM Ritz, L Martins, R Mecklenburg, V Goremykin, FH Hellwig
American journal of Botany 94 (8), 1321-1332, 2007
Male correlated non-matroclinal character inheritance in reciprocal hybrids of Rosa section Caninae (DC.) Ser.(Rosaceae)
CM Ritz, V Wissemann
Plant Systematics and Evolution 241 (3-4), 213-221, 2003
Evolutionary patterns and processes in the genus Rosa (Rosaceae) and their implications for host-parasite co-evolution
V Wissemann, CM Ritz
Plant Systematics and Evolution 266 (1-2), 79-89, 2007
Molecular phylogeny and character evolution in terete-stemmed Andean opuntias (Cactaceae− Opuntioideae)
CM Ritz, J Reiker, G Charles, P Hoxey, D Hunt, M Lowry, W Stuppy, ...
Molecular phylogenetics and evolution 65 (2), 668-681, 2012
Highly Reduced Genetic Diversity of Rosa rubiginosa L. Populations in the Invasive Range
H Zimmermann, CM Ritz, H Hirsch, D Renison, K Wesche, I Hensen
International Journal of Plant Sciences 171 (4), 435-446, 2010
Microsatellite Analyses of Artificial and Spontaneous Dogrose Hybrids Reveal the Hybridogenic Origin of Rosa micrantha by the Contribution of Unreduced Gametes
CM Ritz, V Wissemann
Journal of Heredity 102 (2), 217-227, 2011
Different evolutionary histories of two Phragmidium species infecting the same dog rose hosts
CM Ritz, WFA Maier, F Oberwinkler, V Wissemann
Mycological Research 109 (5), 603-609, 2005
Inheritance of growth form and mechanical characters in reciprocal polyploid hybrids of Rosa section Caninae—implications for the ecological niche differentiation …
V Wissemann, F Gallenmüller, C Ritz, T Steinbrecher, T Speck
Trees 20 (3), 340-347, 2006
Which changes are needed to render all genera of the German flora monophyletic?
JW Kadereit, DC Albach, F Ehrendorfer, M Galbany-Casals, ...
Willdenowia 46 (1), 39-91, 2016
Genetic differentiation in the genus Lithops L. (Ruschioideae, Aizoaceae) reveals a high level of convergent evolution and reflects geographic distribution
A Kellner, CM Ritz, P Schlittenhardt, FH Hellwig
Plant Biology 13 (2), 368-380, 2011
Hybridization with invasive Rosa rugosa threatens the genetic integrity of native Rosa mollis
A Kellner, CM Ritz, V Wissemann
Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society 170 (3), 472-484, 2012
Phylogeny of subsect. Meleuphorbia (A. Berger) Pax & Hoffm.(Euphorbia L.) reflects the climatic regime in South Africa
CM Ritz, NFA Zimmermann, FH Hellwig
Plant Systematics and Evolution 241 (3-4), 245-259, 2003
Tracking the Origin of Invasive Rosa rubiginosa Populations in Argentina
H Hirsch, H Zimmermann, CM Ritz, V Wissemann, H Wehrden, D Renison, ...
International Journal of Plant Sciences 172 (4), 530-540, 2011
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