Martin Heiss
Martin Heiss
Laboratoire des Matériaux Semiconducteurs, École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne
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Single-nanowire solar cells beyond the Shockley–Queisser limit
P Krogstrup, HI Jørgensen, M Heiss, O Demichel, JV Holm, M Aagesen, ...
Nature photonics 7 (4), 306-310, 2013
Self-assembled quantum dots in a nanowire system for quantum photonics
M Heiss, Y Fontana, A Gustafsson, G Wüst, C Magen, DD O’regan, ...
Nature materials 12 (5), 439-444, 2013
Gallium arsenide pin radial structures for photovoltaic applications
C Colombo, M Heiβ, M Grätzel, A Fontcuberta i Morral
Applied Physics Letters 94 (17), 2009
Impact of surfaces on the optical properties of GaAs nanowires
O Demichel, M Heiss, J Bleuse, H Mariette, A Fontcuberta i Morral
Applied Physics Letters 97 (20), 2010
Direct correlation of crystal structure and optical properties in wurtzite/zinc-blende GaAs nanowire heterostructures
M Heiss, S Conesa-Boj, J Ren, HH Tseng, A Gali, A Rudolph, E Uccelli, ...
Physical Review B—Condensed Matter and Materials Physics 83 (4), 045303, 2011
Polarity assignment in ZnTe, GaAs, ZnO, and GaN-AlN nanowires from direct dumbbell analysis
M De La Mata, C Magen, J Gazquez, MIB Utama, M Heiss, S Lopatin, ...
Nano letters 12 (5), 2579-2586, 2012
Three-dimensional multiple-order twinning of self-catalyzed GaAs nanowires on Si substrates
E Uccelli, J Arbiol, C Magen, P Krogstrup, E Russo-Averchi, M Heiss, ...
Nano letters 11 (9), 3827-3832, 2011
Untangling the electronic band structure of wurtzite GaAs nanowires by resonant Raman spectroscopy
B Ketterer, M Heiss, E Uccelli, J Arbiol, A Fontcuberta i Morral
ACS nano 5 (9), 7585-7592, 2011
III–V nanowire arrays: growth and light interaction
M Heiss, E Russo-Averchi, A Dalmau-Mallorquí, G Tütüncüoğlu, ...
Nanotechnology 25 (1), 014015, 2013
Quantum dot opto-mechanics in a fully self-assembled nanowire
M Montinaro, G Wüst, M Munsch, Y Fontana, E Russo-Averchi, M Heiss, ...
Nano letters 14 (8), 4454-4460, 2014
Suppression of three dimensional twinning for a 100% yield of vertical GaAs nanowires on silicon
E Russo-Averchi, M Heiss, L Michelet, P Krogstrup, J Nygard, C Magen, ...
Nanoscale 4 (5), 1486-1490, 2012
Magnetic states of an individual Ni nanotube probed by anisotropic magnetoresistance
D Rüffer, R Huber, P Berberich, S Albert, E Russo-Averchi, M Heiss, ...
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Photonic–plasmonic coupling of GaAs single nanowires to optical nanoantennas
A Casadei, EF Pecora, J Trevino, C Forestiere, D Rüffer, ...
Nano letters 14 (5), 2271-2278, 2014
Doping incorporation paths in catalyst-free Be-doped GaAs nanowires
A Casadei, P Krogstrup, M Heiss, JA Röhr, C Colombo, T Ruelle, ...
Applied Physics Letters 102 (1), 2013
Catalyst-free nanowires with axial InxGa1− xAs/GaAs heterostructures
M Heiß, A Gustafsson, S Conesa-Boj, F Peiró, JR Morante, G Abstreiter, ...
Nanotechnology 20 (7), 075603, 2009
Determination of the band gap and the split-off band in wurtzite GaAs using Raman and photoluminescence excitation spectroscopy
B Ketterer, M Heiss, MJ Livrozet, A Rudolph, E Reiger, ...
Physical Review B—Condensed Matter and Materials Physics 83 (12), 125307, 2011
Exciton localization mechanisms in wurtzite/zinc-blende GaAs nanowires
AM Graham, P Corfdir, M Heiss, S Conesa-Boj, E Uccelli, ...
Physical Review B—Condensed Matter and Materials Physics 87 (12), 125304, 2013
Growth mechanisms and optical properties of GaAs-based semiconductor microstructures by selective area epitaxy
M Heiß, E Riedlberger, D Spirkoska, M Bichler, G Abstreiter, AF i Morral
Journal of Crystal Growth 310 (6), 1049-1056, 2008
Three-dimensional nanoscale study of Al segregation and quantum dot formation in GaAs/AlGaAs core-shell nanowires
L Mancini, Y Fontana, S Conesa-Boj, I Blum, F Vurpillot, L Francaviglia, ...
Applied Physics Letters 105 (24), 2014
In (Ga) As quantum dot formation on group-III assisted catalyst-free InGaAs nanowires
M Heiss, B Ketterer, E Uccelli, JR Morante, J Arbiol, AF i Morral
Nanotechnology 22 (19), 195601, 2011
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