Kenichiro Tani
Kenichiro Tani
Senior Curator, National Museum of Nature and Science, Japan
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The timescales of subduction initiation and subsequent evolution of an oceanic island arc
O Ishizuka, K Tani, MK Reagan, K Kanayama, S Umino, Y Harigane, ...
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An inter‐laboratory evaluation of OD‐3 zircon for use as a secondary U–Pb dating standard
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Geochronology of the Zambezi supracrustal sequence, southern Zambia: a record of Neoproterozoic divergent processes along the southern margin of the Congo Craton
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Syncollisional rapid granitic magma formation in an arc-arc collision zone: Evidence from the Tanzawa plutonic complex, Japan
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Wet and dry basalt magma evolution at Torishima Volcano, Izu–Bonin Arc, Japan: the possible role of phengite in the downgoing Slab
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Quantitative analyses of silicate rock major and trace elements by X-ray fluorescence spectrometer: Evaluation of analytical precision and sample preparation
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Sumisu volcano, Izu-Bonin arc, Japan: site of a silicic caldera-forming eruption from a small open-ocean island
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Mafic rocks from the Ryoke Belt, southwest Japan: implications for Cretaceous Ryoke/San-yo granitic magma genesis
T Nakajima, H Kamiyama, IS Williams, K Tani
Earth and Environmental Science Transactions of The Royal Society of …, 2004
Termination of backarc spreading: Zircon dating of a giant oceanic core complex
K Tani, DJ Dunkley, Y Ohara
Geology 39 (1), 47-50, 2011
Geochemistry, geochronology and isotopic evolution of the Chewore–Rufunsa Terrane, Southern Irumide Belt: a Mesoproterozoic continental margin arc
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Journal of Petrology 48 (7), 1411-1441, 2007
The Izu Peninsula, Japan: Zircon geochronology reveals a record of intra-oceanic rear-arc magmatism in an accreted block of Izu–Bonin upper crust
K Tani, RS Fiske, DJ Dunkley, O Ishizuka, T Oikawa, I Isobe, Y Tatsumi
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 303 (3-4), 225-239, 2011
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