Knut R. Asmis
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Gas-phase infrared spectrum of the protonated water dimer
KR Asmis, NL Pivonka, G Santambrogio, M Brümmer, C Kaposta, ...
Science 299 (5611), 1375-1377, 2003
Infrared Spectroscopy of the Microhydrated Nitrate Ions NO3(H2O)1−6
DJ Goebbert, E Garand, T Wende, R Bergmann, G Meijer, KR Asmis, ...
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KR Asmis, J Sauer
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Mass-selected infrared photodissociation spectroscopy of V 4 O 10+
KR Asmis, M Brümmer, C Kaposta, G Santambrogio, G Von Helden, ...
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Spectroscopic snapshots of the proton-transfer mechanism in water
CT Wolke, JA Fournier, LC Dzugan, MR Fagiani, TT Odbadrakh, H Knorke, ...
Science 354 (6316), 1131-1135, 2016
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M Brümmer, C Kaposta, G Santambrogio, KR Asmis
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N Heine, KR Asmis
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Polyhedral Vanadium Oxide Cages: Infrared Spectra of Cluster Anions and Size‐Induced d Electron Localization
KR Asmis, G Santambrogio, M Brümmer, J Sauer
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Gas phase infrared spectroscopy of mono-and divanadium oxide cluster cations
KR Asmis, G Meijer, M Bruemmer, C Kaposta, G Santambrogio, L Woeste, ...
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Unexpected structures of aluminum oxide clusters in the gas phase
M Sierka, J Döbler, J Sauer, G Santambrogio, M Brümmer, L Wöste, ...
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Structure characterization of metal oxide clusters by vibrational spectroscopy: possibilities and prospects
KR Asmis
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 14 (26), 9270-9281, 2012
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J Zhou, G Santambrogio, M Brümmer, DT Moore, L Wöste, G Meijer, ...
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Isomer-selective detection of hydrogen-bond vibrations in the protonated water hexamer
N Heine, MR Fagiani, M Rossi, T Wende, G Berden, V Blum, KR Asmis
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DJ Goebbert, T Wende, R Bergmann, G Meijer, KR Asmis
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Vibrational spectroscopy of microhydrated conjugate base anions
KR Asmis, DM Neumark
Accounts of chemical research 45 (1), 43-52, 2012
Evolution of electronic structure as a function of size in gallium phosphide semiconductor clusters
TR Taylor, KR Asmis, C Xu, DM Neumark
Chemical physics letters 297 (1-2), 133-140, 1998
Infrared Spectroscopy of Hydrated Bisulfate Anion Clusters: HSO4¯(H2O)1–16
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Vibrational spectroscopy of hydrated electron clusters via infrared multiple photon dissociation
KR Asmis, G Santambrogio, J Zhou, E Garand, J Headrick, D Goebbert, ...
The Journal of chemical physics 126 (19), 191105, 2007
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