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On the use of NiO as sintering additive for BaCe0, 9Y0, 1O3− α
R Costa, N Grünbaum, MH Berger, L Dessemond, A Thorel
Solid State Ionics 180 (11-13), 891-895, 2009
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MP Hoerlein, M Riegraf, R Costa, G Schiller, KA Friedrich
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V Yurkiv, R Costa, Z Ilhan, A Ansar, WG Bessler
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Evaluation of the Effect of Sulfur on the Performance of Nickel/Gadolinium‐Doped Ceria Based Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Anodes
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Metal supported solid oxide fuel cells and stacks for auxilary power units-progress, challenges and lessons learned
A Ansar, P Szabo, J Arnold, Z Ilhan, D Soysal, R Costa, A Zagst, M Gindrat, ...
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Sulfur poisoning of Ni/Gadolinium-doped ceria anodes: A long-term study outlining stable solid oxide fuel cell operation
M Riegraf, A Zekri, M Knipper, R Costa, G Schiller, KA Friedrich
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Elementary kinetic numerical simulation of Ni/YSZ SOFC anode performance considering sulfur poisoning
M Riegraf, G Schiller, R Costa, KA Friedrich, A Latz, V Yurkiv
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Electrochemical impedance analysis of symmetrical Ni/gadolinium-doped ceria (CGO10) electrodes in electrolyte-supported solid oxide cells
M Riegraf, R Costa, G Schiller, KA Friedrich, S Dierickx, A Weber
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Sulfur poisoning of electrochemical reformate conversion on nickel/gadolinium-doped ceria electrodes
M Riegraf, MP Hoerlein, R Costa, G Schiller, KA Friedrich
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AFM as an analysis tool for high-capacity sulfur cathodes for Li–S batteries
R Hiesgen, S Sörgel, R Costa, L Carlé, I Galm, N Cañas, B Pascucci, ...
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Tape casting of proton conducting ceramic material
R Costa, J Hafsaoui, AP Almeida de Oliveira, A Grosjean, M Caruel, ...
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The influence of sulfur formation on performance and reforming chemistry of SOFC anodes operating on methane containing fuel
M Riegraf, V Yurkiv, G Schiller, R Costa, A Latz, KA Friedrich
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Microstructure for formation of a silicon and germanium on insulator substrate of Si1-XGeX type
JF Damlencourt, R Costa
US Patent 7,427,779, 2008
High Temperature Co‐Electrolysis for Power‐to‐X
DMA Dueñas, M Riedel, M Riegraf, R Costa, KA Friedrich
Chemie Ingenieur Technik 92 (1-2), 45-52, 2019
Roadmap for Sustainable Mixed Ionic‐Electronic Conducting Membranes
G Chen, A Feldhoff, A Weidenkaff, C Li, S Liu, X Zhu, J Sunarso, K Huang, ...
Advanced Functional Materials 32 (6), 2105702, 2022
Highly active screen-printed IrTi4O7 anodes for proton exchange membrane electrolyzers
T Lagarteira, F Han, T Morawietz, R Hiesgen, DG Sanchez, A Mendes, ...
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Application of La-Doped SrTiO3 in Advanced Metal-Supported Solid Oxide Fuel Cells
S Presto, A Barbucci, MP Carpanese, F Han, R Costa, M Viviani
Crystals 8 (3), 134, 2018
Nanostructured composite cathodes by suspension plasma spraying for SOFC applications
D Soysal, A Ansar, Z Ilhan, R Costa
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On the manufacturing of low temperature activated Sr0. 9La0. 1TiO3-δ-Ce1-xGdxO2-δ anodes for solid oxide fuel cell
A Gondolini, E Mercadelli, G Constantin, L Dessemond, V Yurkiv, R Costa, ...
Journal of the European Ceramic Society 38 (1), 153-161, 2018
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