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Hans J De Boeck
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Precipitation manipulation experiments - challenges and recommendations for the future
C Beier, C Beierkuhnlein, T Wohlgemuth, J Penuelas, B Emmett, ...
Ecology Letters 15 (8), 899-911, 2012
Whole‐system responses of experimental plant communities to climate extremes imposed in different seasons
HJ De Boeck, FE Dreesen, IA Janssens, I Nijs
New Phytologist 189 (3), 806-817, 2011
Variation in leaf flushing date influences autumnal senescence and next year’s flushing date in two temperate tree species
YSH Fu, M Campioli, Y Vitasse, HJ De Boeck, J Van den Berge, ...
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Climatic characteristics of heat waves and their simulation in plant experiments
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Biomass production in experimental grasslands of different species richness during three years of climate warming
HJ De Boeck, CMHM Lemmens, C Zavalloni, C (Zavalloni, B Gielen, ...
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Summer heat and drought extremes trigger unexpected changes in productivity of a temperate annual/biannual plant community
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How do climate warming and plant species richness affect water use in experimental grasslands?
HJ De Boeck, CMHM Lemmens, H Bossuyt, S Malchair, M Carnol, ...
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Simulated heat waves affected alpine grassland only in combination with drought
HJ De Boeck, S Bassin, M Verlinden, M Zeiter, E Hiltbrunner
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Combined effects of climate warming and plant diversity loss on above-and below-ground grassland productivity
HJ De Boeck, C Lemmens, B Gielen, H Bossuyt, S Malchair, M Carnol, ...
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Increased heat requirement for leaf flushing in temperate woody species over 1980–2012: effects of chilling, precipitation and insolation
YH Fu, S Piao, Y Vitasse, H Zhao, HJ De Boeck, Q Liu, H Yang, U Weber, ...
Global change biology 21 (7), 2687-2697, 2015
Experiments to confront the environmental extremes of climate change
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Global change experiments: challenges and opportunities
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BioScience 65 (9), 922-931, 2015
How do climate warming and species richness affect CO2 fluxes in experimental grasslands?
HJ De Boeck, CMHM Lemmens, S Vicca, J Van den Berge, ...
New Phytologist 175 (3), 512-522, 2007
Do climate warming and plant species richness affect potential nitrification, basal respiration and ammonia-oxidizing bacteria in experimental grasslands?
S Malchair, HJ De Boeck, C Lemmens, R Merckx, I Nijs, R Ceulemans, ...
Soil Biology and Biochemistry 42 (11), 1944-1951, 2010
Do successive climate extremes weaken the resistance of plant communities? An experimental study using plant assemblages
FE Dreesen, HJ De Boeck, IA Janssens, I Nijs
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Drought-associated changes in climate and their relevance for ecosystem experiments and models
HJ De Boeck, H Verbeeck
Biogeosciences 8 (5), 1121-1130, 2011
Diversity–function relationship of ammonia-oxidizing bacteria in soils among functional groups of grassland species under climate warming
S Malchair, HJ De Boeck, C Lemmens, R Ceulemans, R Merckx, I Nijs, ...
Applied Soil Ecology 44 (1), 15-23, 2010
Mean annual precipitation predicts primary production resistance and resilience to extreme drought
E Stuart-Haëntjens, HJ De Boeck, NP Lemoine, P Mänd, G Kröel-Dulay, ...
Science of the Total Environment 636, 360-366, 2018
Three times greater weight of daytime than of night‐time temperature on leaf unfolding phenology in temperate trees
YH Fu, Y Liu, HJ De Boeck, A Menzel, I Nijs, M Peaucelle, J Peñuelas, ...
New Phytologist 212 (3), 590-597, 2016
End-of-season effects of elevated temperature on ecophysiological processes of grassland species at different species richness levels
CMHM Lemmens, HJ De Boeck, B Gielen, H Bossuyt, S Malchair, ...
Environmental and experimental botany 56 (3), 245-254, 2006
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