Hiroshi Imahori
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Large π-aromatic molecules as potential sensitizers for highly efficient dye-sensitized solar cells
H Imahori, T Umeyama, S Ito
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Donor‐Linked Fullerenes: Photoinduced electron transfer and its potential application
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Charge separation in a novel artificial photosynthetic reaction center lives 380 ms
H Imahori, DM Guldi, K Tamaki, Y Yoshida, C Luo, Y Sakata, S Fukuzumi
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H Imahori, S Fukuzumi
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Light-harvesting and photocurrent generation by gold electrodes modified with mixed self-assembled monolayers of boron− dipyrrin and ferrocene− porphyrin− fullerene triad
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Nanostructured artificial photosynthesis
H Imahori, Y Mori, Y Matano
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H Imahori, Y Sakata
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Giant multiporphyrin arrays as artificial light-harvesting antennas
H Imahori
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I Hiroshi, H Kiyoshi, A Tsuyoshi, A Masanori, T Seiji, O Tadashi, ...
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H Imahori
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H Imahori, NV Tkachenko, V Vehmanen, K Tamaki, H Lemmetyinen, ...
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Photovoltaic properties of self-assembled monolayers of porphyrins and porphyrin− fullerene dyads on ITO and gold surfaces
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Electron-donating perylene tetracarboxylic acids for dye-sensitized solar cells
Y Shibano, T Umeyama, Y Matano, H Imahori
Organic Letters 9 (10), 1971-1974, 2007
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