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Stable fluorescent complexes of double-stranded DNA with bis-intercalating asymmetric cyanine dyes: properties and applications
HS Rye, S Yue, DE Wemmer, MA Quesada, RP Haugland, RA Mathies, ...
Nucleic acids research 20 (11), 2803-2812, 1992
A new redox cofactor in eukaryotic enzymes: 6-hydroxydopa at the active site of bovine serum amine oxidase
SM Janes, D Mu, D Wemmer, AJ Smith, S Kaur, D Maltby, AL Burlingame, ...
Science 248 (4958), 981-987, 1990
Two-state allosteric behavior in a single-domain signaling protein
BF Volkman, D Lipson, DE Wemmer, D Kern
Science 291 (5512), 2429-2433, 2001
Assignment of the non-exchangeable proton resonances of d (CGCGAATTCGCG) using two-dimensional nuclear magnetic resonance methods
DR Hare, DE Wemmer, SH Chou, G Drobny, BR Reid
Journal of molecular biology 171 (3), 319-336, 1983
Structural characterization of a 2: 1 distamycin Ad (CGCAAATTGGC) complex by two-dimensional NMR
JG Pelton, DE Wemmer
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 86 (15), 5723-5727, 1989
Fourier transform multiple quantum nuclear magnetic resonance
G Drobny, A Pines, S Sinton, DP Weitekamp, D Wemmer
Faraday Symposia of the Chemical Society 13, 49-55, 1978
Mechanism for activation of the EGF receptor catalytic domain by the juxtamembrane segment
N Jura, NF Endres, K Engel, S Deindl, R Das, MH Lamers, DE Wemmer, ...
Cell 137 (7), 1293-1307, 2009
Molecular imaging using a targeted magnetic resonance hyperpolarized biosensor
L Schröder, TJ Lowery, C Hilty, DE Wemmer, A Pines
Science 314 (5798), 446-449, 2006
Mechanisms of cytoplasmic pH regulation in hypoxic maize root tips and its role in survival under hypoxia
JK Roberts, J Callis, D Wemmer, V Walbot, O Jardetzky
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 81 (11), 3379-3383, 1984
A new cofactor in a prokaryotic enzyme: tryptophan tryptophylquinone as the redox prosthetic group in methylamine dehydrogenase
WS McIntire, DE Wemmer, A Chistoserdov, ME Lidstrom
Science 252 (5007), 817-824, 1991
Architecture and membrane interactions of the EGF receptor
A Arkhipov, Y Shan, R Das, NF Endres, MP Eastwood, DE Wemmer, ...
Cell 152 (3), 557-569, 2013
Conformational coupling across the plasma membrane in activation of the EGF receptor
NF Endres, R Das, AW Smith, A Arkhipov, E Kovacs, Y Huang, JG Pelton, ...
Cell 152 (3), 543-556, 2013
Binding modes of distamycin A with d (CGCAAATTTGCG) 2 determined by two-dimensional NMR
JG Pelton, DE Wemmer
Journal of the American Chemical Society 112 (4), 1393-1399, 1990
Functionalized xenon as a biosensor
MM Spence, SM Rubin, IE Dimitrov, EJ Ruiz, DE Wemmer, A Pines, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 98 (19), 10654-10657, 2001
Design of a GC-specific DNA minor groove-binding peptide
BH Geierstanger, M Mrksich, PB Dervan, DE Wemmer
Science 266 (5185), 646-650, 1994
Antiparallel side-by-side dimeric motif for sequence-specific recognition in the minor groove of DNA by the designed peptide 1-methylimidazole-2-carboxamide netropsin.
M Mrksich, WS Wade, TJ Dwyer, BH Geierstanger, DE Wemmer, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 89 (16), 7586-7590, 1992
Targeting the minor groove of DNA
DE Wemmer, PB Dervan
Current opinion in structural biology 7 (3), 355-361, 1997
Structure of a transiently phosphorylated switch in bacterial signal transduction
D Kern, BF Volkman, P Luginbühl, MJ Nohaile, S Kustu, DE Wemmer
Nature 402 (6764), 894-898, 1999
Complexes of the minor groove of DNA
BH Geierstanger, DE Wemmer
Annual review of biophysics and biomolecular structure 24 (1), 463-493, 1995
Proton NMR studies on the interaction between distamycin A and a symmetrical DNA dodecamer
RE Klevit, DE Wemmer, BR Reid
Biochemistry 25 (11), 3296-3303, 1986
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