Leigh R. Richards
Leigh R. Richards
Durban Natural Science Museum
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Close relative of human Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus in bat, South Africa
NL Ithete, S Stoffberg, VM Corman, VM Cottontail, LR Richards, ...
Emerging infectious diseases 19 (10), 1697, 2013
Rooting the phylogenetic tree of middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus by characterization of a conspecific virus from an African bat
VM Corman, NL Ithete, LR Richards, MC Schoeman, W Preiser, ...
Journal of virology 88 (19), 11297-11303, 2014
High diversity of pipistrelloid bats (Vespertilionidae: Hypsugo, Neoromicia, and Pipistrellus) in a West African rainforest with the description of a new species
A Monadjem, L Richards, PJ Taylor, S Stoffberg
Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society 167 (1), 191-207, 2013
Diversity of Hipposideridae in the Mount Nimba massif, West Africa, and the taxonomic status of Hipposideros lamottei
A Monadjem, L Richards, PJ Taylor, C Denys, A Dower, S Stoffberg
Acta Chiropterologica 15 (2), 341-352, 2013
Integrative taxonomy resolves three new cryptic species of small southern African horseshoe bats (Rhinolophus)
PJ Taylor, A Macdonald, SM Goodman, T Kearney, FPD Cotterill, ...
Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society 184 (4), 1249-1276, 2018
An African bat hotspot: the exceptional importance of Mount Nimba for bat diversity
A Monadjem, L Richards, C Denys
Acta chiropterologica 18 (2), 359-375, 2016
Revision of Afro-Malagasy Otomops (Chiroptera: Molossidae) with the description of a new Afro-Arabian species.
TM Ralph, LR Richards, PJ Taylor, MC Napier, JM Lamb
Zootaxa 4057 (1), 1-49, 2015
Cross-species chromosome painting in bats from Madagascar: the contribution of Myzopodidae to revealing ancestral syntenies in Chiroptera
LR Richards, RV Rambau, JM Lamb, PJ Taylor, F Yang, MC Schoeman, ...
Chromosome Research 18 (6), 635-653, 2010
Cranial size and shape variation in Afrotropical Otomops (Mammalia: Chiroptera: Molossidae): testing species limits using a morphometric approach
LR Richards, PJ Taylor, MC Schoeman, SM Goodman, PAAG Van Daele, ...
Biological Journal of the Linnean Society 106 (4), 910-925, 2012
A new cytotype of the African pygmy mouse Mus minutoides in Eastern Africa. Implications for the evolution of sex-autosome translocations
F Veyrunes, J Perez, B Borremans, S Gryseels, LR Richards, A Duran, ...
Chromosome research 22 (4), 533-543, 2014
Demographic responses of forest-utilizing bats to past climate change in South Africa
M Moir, LR Richards, MI Cherry, RV Rambau
Biological Journal of the Linnean Society 130 (4), 850-868, 2020
Systematics of West African Miniopterus with the description of a new species
A Monadjem, JT Shapiro, LR Richards, H Karabulut, W Crawley, ...
Acta Chiropterologica 21 (2), 237-256, 2019
A phylogeny for African Pipistrellus species with the description of a new species from West Africa (Mammalia: Chiroptera)
A Monadjem, LR Richards, J Decher, R Hutterer, ML Mamba, J Guyton, ...
Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society 191 (2), 548-574, 2021
Functional diversity and trait filtering of insectivorous bats relate to forest biogeography and fragmentation in South Africa
M Moir, LR Richards, RV Rambau, MI Cherry
Journal of Biogeography 48 (5), 1170-1182, 2021
South African Bat Fatality Threshold Guidelines for Operational Wind Energy Facilities–ed 1. South African Bat Assessment Association
K MacEwan, J Aronson, E Richardson, P Taylor, B Coverdale, D Jacobs, ...
Fragmentation does not affect gene flow in forest populations of the dusky pipistrelle bat on the eastern seaboard of South Africa
M Moir, LR Richards, RV Rambau, A Wannenburgh, MI Cherry
Journal of Mammalogy 101 (6), 1587-1600, 2020
First record of Vesperfilio murinus from the Arabian Peninsula
A Monadjem, C Joubert, L Richards, IB Nielsen, M Nielsen, ...
Vespertilio 18, 79-89, 2016
Bats of Eastern Cape and southern KwaZulu-Natal forests, South Africa: diversity, call library and range extensions
MI Moir, LR Richards, RV Rambau, MI Cherry
Acta Chiropterologica 22 (2), 365-381, 2020
Karyotypic evolution in Malagasy Flying Foxes (Pteropodidae, Chiroptera) and their hipposiderid relatives as determined by comparative chromosome painting
LR Richards, RV Rambau, SM Goodman, PJ Taylor, MC Schoeman, ...
Cytogenetic and Genome Research 148 (2-3), 185-198, 2016
First karyotypic descriptions of Malagasy rodents (Nesomyinae, Muridae) reveal variation at multiple taxonomic levels
E Solano, C Gilbert, L Richards, PJ Taylor, V Soarimalala, A Engelbrecht, ...
Journal of Zoology 285 (2), 110-118, 2011
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