Ulrich Thomas
Ulrich Thomas
Leibniz Institute for Neurobiology
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Regulation of DLG localization at synapses by CaMKII-dependent phosphorylation
YH Koh, E Popova, U Thomas, LC Griffith, V Budnik
Cell 98 (3), 353-363, 1999
Synaptic clustering of the cell adhesion molecule fasciclin II by discs-large and its role in the regulation of presynaptic structure
U Thomas, E Kim, S Kuhlendahl, YH Koh, ED Gundelfinger, M Sheng, ...
Neuron 19 (4), 787-799, 1997
The Serrate locus of Drosophila and its role in morphogenesis of the wing imaginal discs: control of cell proliferation
SA Speicher, U Thomas, U Hinz, E Knust
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Involvement of protein synthesis and degradation in long-term potentiation of Schaffer collateral CA1 synapses
A Karpova, M Mikhaylova, U Thomas, T Knöpfel, T Behnisch
Journal of Neuroscience 26 (18), 4949-4955, 2006
The Drosophila gene Serrate encodes an EGF-like transmembrane protein with a complex expression pattern in embryos and wing discs
U Thomas, SA Speicher, E Knust
Development 111 (3), 749-761, 1991
Recruitment of scribble to the synaptic scaffolding complex requires GUK-holder, a novel DLG binding protein
D Mathew, LS Gramates, M Packard, U Thomas, D Bilder, N Perrimon, ...
Current biology 12 (7), 531-539, 2002
Synaptic targeting and localization of discs-large is a stepwise process controlled by different domains of the protein
U Thomas, S Ebitsch, M Gorczyca, YH Koh, CD Hough, D Woods, ...
Current biology 10 (18), 1108-1117, 2000
Impaired protein translation in Drosophila models for Charcot–Marie–Tooth neuropathy caused by mutant tRNA synthetases
S Niehues, J Bussmann, G Steffes, I Erdmann, C Köhrer, L Sun, ...
Nature communications 6, 7520, 2015
Modulation of synaptic signalling complexes by Homer proteins
U Thomas
Journal of neurochemistry 81 (3), 407-413, 2002
Functional expression of rat synapse-associated proteins SAP97 and SAP102 in Drosophila dlg-1 mutants: effects on tumor suppression and synaptic bouton structure
U Thomas, B Phannavong, B Müller, CC Garner, ED Gundelfinger
Mechanisms of development 62 (2), 161-174, 1997
The Bruchpilot cytomatrix determines the size of the readily releasable pool of synaptic vesicles
T Matkovic, M Siebert, E Knoche, H Depner, S Mertel, D Owald, ...
J Cell Biol 202 (4), 667-683, 2013
Mobility of calcium channels in the presynaptic membrane
R Schneider, E Hosy, J Kohl, J Klueva, D Choquet, U Thomas, A Voigt, ...
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Cell-selective labelling of proteomes in Drosophila melanogaster
I Erdmann, K Marter, O Kobler, S Niehues, J Abele, A Müller, J Bussmann, ...
Nature communications 6, 7521, 2015
Cell type-specific recruitment of Drosophila Lin-7 to distinct MAGUK-based protein complexes defines novel roles for Sdt and Dlg-S97
A Bachmann, M Timmer, J Sierralta, G Pietrini, ED Gundelfinger, E Knust, ...
Journal of cell science 117 (10), 1899-1909, 2004
Mutation of Drosophila homer disrupts control of locomotor activity and behavioral plasticity
TT Diagana, U Thomas, SN Prokopenko, B Xiao, PF Worley, JB Thomas
Journal of Neuroscience 22 (2), 428-436, 2002
Nicotinic acetylcholine receptors of Drosophila: three subunits encoded by genomically linked genes can co‐assemble 
into the same receptor complex
K Chamaon, KH Smalla, U Thomas, ED Gundelfinger
Journal of neurochemistry 80 (1), 149-157, 2002
DLGS97/SAP97 is developmentally upregulated and is required for complex adult behaviors and synapse morphology and function
C Mendoza-Topaz, F Urra, R Barría, V Albornoz, D Ugalde, U Thomas, ...
Journal of Neuroscience 28 (1), 304-314, 2008
Novel Isoforms of Dlg Are Fundamental for Neuronal Development inDrosophila
C Mendoza, P Olguın, G Lafferte, U Thomas, S Ebitsch, ED Gundelfinger, ...
Journal of Neuroscience 23 (6), 2093-2101, 2003
Phenotypic and molecular characterization of SerD, a dominant allele of the Drosophila gene Serrate.
U Thomas, F Jönsson, SA Speicher, E Knust
Genetics 139 (1), 203-213, 1995
Postsynaptic membrane addition depends on the Discs-Large-interacting t-SNARE Gtaxin
D Gorczyca, J Ashley, S Speese, N Gherbesi, U Thomas, E Gundelfinger, ...
Journal of Neuroscience 27 (5), 1033-1044, 2007
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