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Spectroscopic studies of Dy3+ ion doped tellurite glasses for solid state lasers and white LEDs
NV V. Himamaheswara Rao, P. Syam Prasad, M Mohan Babu, P. Venkateswara Rao ...
SpectrochimicaActa Part A: Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy 118, 516–524, 2018
Dielectric dispersion in the PbO–MoO3–B2O3 glass system
PS Prasad, BV Raghavaiah, RB Rao, C Laxmikanth, N Veeraiah
Solid state communications 132 (3-4), 235-240, 2004
Luminescence properties of Sm3+ ions doped heavy metal oxide tellurite-tungstate-antimonate glasses
VH Rao, PS Prasad, MM Babu, PV Rao, LF Santos, GN Raju, N Veeraiah
Ceramics International 43 (18), 16467-16473, 2017
Spectroscopic and dielectric studies on PbO–MoO3–B2O3 glasses incorporating small concentrations of TiO2
PS Prasad, MS Reddy, VR Kumar, N Veeraiah
Philosophical Magazine 87 (36), 5763-5787, 2007
Influence of Sb2O3 on tellurite based glasses for photonic applications
VH Rao, PS Prasad, PV Rao, LF Santos, N Veeraiah
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 687, 898-905, 2016
Titanium incorporated Zinc-Phosphate bioactive glasses for bone tissue repair and regeneration: Impact of Ti4+ on physico-mechanical and in vitro bioactivity
MM Babu, PS Prasad, PV Rao, NP Govindan, RK Singh, HW Kim, ...
Ceramics International 45 (17), 23715-23727, 2019
Transport and spectroscopic properties of nickel ions in ZnOB2O3P2O5 glass system
PV Rao, GN Raju, PS Prasad, C Laxmikanth, N Veeraiah
Optik 127 (5), 2920-2923, 2016
ZnO incorporated high phosphate bioactive glasses for guided bone regeneration implants: enhancement of in vitro bioactivity and antibacterial activity
MM Babu, PV Rao, RK Singh, HW Kim, N Veeraiah, M Özcan, PS Prasad
journal of materials research and technology 15, 633-646, 2021
Investigations on structural and optical properties of various modifier oxides (MO= ZnO, CdO, BaO, and PbO) containing bismuth borate lithium glasses
J Bhemarajam, P Syam Prasad, M Mohan Babu, M Özcan, M Prasad
Journal of Composites Science 5 (12), 308, 2021
Spectroscopic studies on Er3+ ions incorporated bismuth borolead lithium glasses for solid state lasers and fiber amplifiers
J Bhemarajam, MM Babu, PS Prasad, M Prasad
Optical Materials 113, 110818, 2021
Analysis of red mud doped Bi2O3-B2O3-BaO glasses for application as glass solder in radiation shield repair using MCNPX simulation
W Marltan, PV Rao, HO Tekin, MI Sayyed, R Klement, D Galusek, ...
Ceramics International 45 (6), 7619-7626, 2019
Visible luminescence characteristics of Pr3+ ions in TeO2–Sb2O3–WO3 glasses
VH Rao, PS Prasad, KS Babu
Optical Materials 101, 109740, 2020
Influence of ZrO2 Addition on Structural and Biological Activity of Phosphate Glasses for Bone Regeneration
M Mohan Babu, P Syam Prasad, P Venkateswara Rao, S Hima Bindu, ...
Materials 13 (18), 4058, 2020
Spectroscopic and electrical investigations of copper ions in PbO–GeO2 glasses
SM Saheb, PV Rao, R Vijay, PR Babu, C Chandrakala, PS Prasad, ...
Results in Physics 11, 780-786, 2018
On identifying efficient modifier oxide in improving bioactivity of Fe2O3 doped calcium oxy fluoro borophosphate glasses
P Sobhanachalam, CV Kumari, GS Baskaran, PS Prasad, N Veeraiah, ...
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 692, 219-226, 2017
In vitro investigations on CoO doped CaF2CaOB2O3P2O5− MO bioactive glasses by means of spectroscopic studies
P Sobhanachalam, VR Kumar, BV Raghavaiah, VR Kumar, GS Baskaran, ...
Optical Materials 73, 628-637, 2017
Enhanced mechanical properties of glass fibre epoxy composites by 2D exfoliated graphene oxide filler
D kumar Gara, G Raghavendra, PS Prasad, S Ojha
Ceramics International 47 (24), 34860-34868, 2021
Enhancement of rare earth ions hosting potential of B2O3 added germanium based glasses: a detailed optical analysis
AP Kumar, SH Bindu, PV Rao, R Klement, D Galusek, N Veeraiah, ...
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 883, 160800, 2021
Investigations on Physico-Mechanical and Spectral Studies of Zn2+ Doped P2O5- Based Bioglass System,
MO M. Mohan Babu, P. Syam Prasad, P. Venkateswara Rao
Journal of Composites Science 129, 2020
Spectroscopic and thermal analysis of lead-free multipurpose radiation shielding glasses
W Marltan, PV Rao, R Klement, D Galusek, MI Sayyed, HO Tekin, ...
Ceramics International 45 (5), 5332-5338, 2019
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