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A Theoretical Framework for Ratiometric Single Ion Luminescent Thermometers - Thermodynamic and Kinetic Guidelines for Optimized Performance
M Suta, A Meijerink
Advanced Theory and Simulations 3 (12), 2000176, 2020
Making Nd3+ a Sensitive Luminescent Thermometer for Physiological Temperatures - An Account of Pitfalls in Boltzmann Thermometry
M Suta, Ž Antić, V Ðorđević, S Kuzman, MD Dramićanin, A Meijerink
Nanomaterials 10 (3), 543, 2020
One ion to catch them all: Targeted high-precision Boltzmann thermometry over a wide temperature range with Gd3+
D Yu, H Li, D Zhang, Q Zhang, A Meijerink, M Suta
Light: Science & Applications 10, 236, 2021
A Ho3+‐Based Luminescent Thermometer for Sensitive Sensing over a Wide Temperature Range
TP van Swieten, D Yu, T Yu, SJW Vonk, M Suta, Q Zhang, A Meijerink, ...
Advanced Optical Materials 9 (1), 2001518, 2020
Synthesis, Spectroscopic Properties and Applications of Divalent Lanthanides Apart from Eu2+
M Suta, C Wickleder
Journal of Luminescence 210, 210-238, 2019
Visible and NIR Upconverting Er3+–Yb3+ Luminescent Nanorattles and Other Hybrid PMO‐Inorganic Structures for In Vivo Nanothermometry
AM Kaczmarek, M Suta, H Rijckaert, A Abalymov, I Van Driessche, ...
Advanced Functional Materials 30 (32), 2003101, 2020
Spotlight on Luminescence Thermometry: Basics, Challenges, and Cutting-Edge Applications
CDS Brites, R Marin, M Suta, ANC Neto, E Ximendes, D Jaque, LD Carlos
Advanced Materials 35 (36), 2302749, 2023
Photoluminescence properties of Yb2+ ions doped in the perovskites CsCaX3 and CsSrX3 (X= Cl, Br, and I)–a comparative study
M Suta, W Urland, C Daul, C Wickleder
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 18 (19), 13196-13208, 2016
Structurally induced tuning of the relative sensitivity of LaScO3:Cr3+ luminescent thermometers by co-doping lanthanide ions
K Elzbieciak-Piecka, M Suta, L Marciniak
Chemical Engineering Journal 421 (1), 129757, 2021
Photoluminescence of CsMI3: Eu2+ (M= Mg, Ca, and Sr)–a spectroscopic probe on structural distortions
M Suta, C Wickleder
Journal of Materials Chemistry C 3 (20), 5233-5245, 2015
Photoluminescence of CsMBr3: Eu2+ (M= Mg, Ca, Sr)—A novel strategy for the development of low-energy emitting phosphors
M Suta, P Larsen, F Lavoie-Cardinal, C Wickleder
Journal of Luminescence 149, 35-44, 2014
Prospecting Lighting Applications with Ligand Field Tools and Density Functional Theory: A First-Principles Account of the 4f7–4f65d1 Luminescence of CsMgBr3: Eu2+
H Ramanantoanina, F Cimpoesu, C Göttel, M Sahnoun, B Herden, ...
Inorganic chemistry 54 (17), 8319-8326, 2015
SrAl2O4:Eu2+(,Dy3+) Nanosized Particles: Synthesis and Interpretation of Temperature-Dependent Optical Properties
H Terraschke, M Suta, M Adlung, S Mammadova, N Musayeva, ...
Journal of Spectroscopy 2015, 2015
Red, Green, and Blue Photoluminescence of Ba2SiO4:M (M = Eu3+, Eu2+, Sr2+) Nanophosphors
HC Streit, J Kramer, M Suta, C Wickleder
Materials 6 (8), 3079-3093, 2013
High temperature (nano)thermometers based on LiLuF4: Er3+, Yb3+ nano- and microcrystals. Confounded results for core-shell nanocrystals
AM Kaczmarek, M Suta, H Rijckaert, TP van Swieten, I Van Driessche, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry C 9, 3589-3600, 2021
Spin Crossover of Yb2+ in CsCaX3 and CsSrX3 (X= Cl, Br, I)–A Guideline to Novel Halide‐Based Scintillators
M Suta, C Wickleder
Advanced Functional Materials 27 (2), 1602783, 2017
Investigation of the “bent sandwich-like” divalent lanthanide hydro-tris (pyrazolyl) borates Ln(TpiPr2)2 (Ln= Sm, Eu, Tm, Yb)
M Kühling, C Wickleder, MJ Ferguson, CG Hrib, R McDonald, M Suta, ...
New Journal of Chemistry 39 (10), 7617-7625, 2015
Green Synthesis of A2SiF6 (A=Li–Cs) Nanoparticles using Ionic Liquids as Solvents and as Fluorine Sources: A Simple Approach without HF
J Olchowka, M Suta, C Wickleder
Chemistry–A European Journal 23 (50), 12092-12095, 2017
From quencher to potent activator – Multimodal luminescence thermometry with Fe3+ in the oxides MAl4O7 (M = Ca, Sr, Ba)
K Kniec, W Piotrowski, KA Ledwa, M Suta, LD Carlos, L Marciniak
Journal of Materials Chemistry C 9, 6268-6276, 2021
One ion, many facets: Efficient, structurally and thermally sensitive luminescence of Eu2+ in binary and ternary strontium borohydride chlorides
T Wylezich, AD Sontakke, V Castaing, M Suta, B Viana, A Meijerink, ...
Chemistry of Materials 31 (21), 8957-8968, 2019
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