Michael Schmiedeberg
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Colloids in one dimensional random energy landscapes
RDL Hanes, C Dalle-Ferrier, M Schmiedeberg, MC Jenkins, SU Egelhaaf
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Growth modes of quasicrystals
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M Kohl, RF Capellmann, M Laurati, SU Egelhaaf, M Schmiedeberg
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Colloidal ordering on a 2D quasicrystalline substrate
M Schmiedeberg, H Stark
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Mapping the glassy dynamics of soft spheres onto hard-sphere behavior
M Schmiedeberg, TK Haxton, SR Nagel, AJ Liu
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Universal jamming phase diagram in the hard-sphere limit
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V Zaburdaev, N Biais, M Schmiedeberg, J Eriksson, AB Jonsson, ...
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Connecting the random organization transition and jamming within a unifying model system
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M Schmiedeberg, J Roth, H Stark
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RDL Hanes, M Schmiedeberg, SU Egelhaaf
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T Neuhaus, M Marechal, M Schmiedeberg, H Löwen
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M Schmiedeberg, H Stark
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T Neuhaus, A Härtel, M Marechal, M Schmiedeberg, H Löwen
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Freezing and melting of a colloidal adsorbate on a 1D quasicrystalline substrate
M Schmiedeberg, J Roth, H Stark
Physical review letters 97 (15), 158304, 2006
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