Chun (Charlie) Zhu
Chun (Charlie) Zhu
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Sources and distributions of tetraether lipids in surface sediments across a large river-dominated continental margin
C Zhu, JWH Weijers, T Wagner, JM Pan, JF Chen, RD Pancost
Organic Geochemistry 42 (4), 376-386, 2011
Characterizing the depositional settings for sedimentary organic matter distributions in the Lower Yangtze River-East China Sea Shelf System
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Distribution of hopanoids along a land to sea transect: Implications for microbial ecology and the use of hopanoids in environmental studies
C Zhu, HM Talbot, T Wagner, JM Pan, RD Pancost
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Identification of unusual butanetriol dialkyl glycerol tetraether and pentanetriol dialkyl glycerol tetraether lipids in marine sediments
C Zhu, TB Meador, W Dummann, KU Hinrichs
Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry 28 (4), 332-338, 2014
Possible roles of uncultured archaea in carbon cycling in methane-seep sediments
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Identification of isoprenoid glycosidic glycerol dibiphytanol diethers and indications for their biosynthetic origin
TB Meador, C Zhu, FJ Elling, M Könneke, KU Hinrichs
Organic Geochemistry, 2014
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