Witold Bloch
Witold Bloch
Lecturer in Chemistry, Flinders University
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Capturing snapshots of post-synthetic metallation chemistry in metal–organic frameworks
WM Bloch, A Burgun, CJ Coghlan, R Lee, ML Coote, CJ Doonan, ...
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R Babarao, CJ Coghlan, D Rankine, WM Bloch, GK Gransbury, H Sato, ...
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Total synthesis of (+)-aureol
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Fused pyrazino [2, 3-b] indolizine and indolizino [2, 3-b] quinoxaline derivatives; synthesis, structures, and properties
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Linking metal–organic cages pairwise as a design approach for assembling multivariate crystalline materials
AW Markwell-Heys, M Roemelt, AD Slattery, OM Linder-Patton, WM Bloch
Chemical Science 13 (1), 68-73, 2022
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