Claudia Stein
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Consequences of plant–soil feedbacks in invasion
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Insect egg deposition induces defence responses in Pinus sylvestris: characterisation of the elicitor
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Functional diversity increases ecological stability in a grazed grassland
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Plant species richness in montane grasslands affects the fitness of a generalist grasshopper species
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Grazing weakens temporal stabilizing effects of diversity in the Eurasian steppe
H Ren, F Taube, C Stein, Y Zhang, Y Bai, S Hu
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Long-term effects of grazing and topography on extra-radical hyphae of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi in semi-arid grasslands
H Ren, W Gui, Y Bai, C Stein, JLM Rodrigues, GWT Wilson, AB Cobb, ...
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Grassland compost amendments increase plant production without changing plant communities
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Transitions and invasion along a grazing gradient in experimental California grasslands
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Evaluating ecosystem services provided by non-native species: an experimental test in California grasslands
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Grassland Arthropods Are Controlled by Direct and Indirect Interactions with Cattle but Are Largely Unaffected by Plant Provenance
KA Farrell, WS Harpole, C Stein, KN Suding, ET Borer
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Soil biota increase the likelihood for coexistence among competing plant species
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Phylogenetic and functional distinctiveness explain alien plant population responses to competition
SC Levin, RM Crandall, T Pokoski, C Stein, TM Knight
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Stronger effect of gastropods than rodents on seedling establishment, irrespective of exotic or native plant species origin
L Korell, C Stein, I Hensen, H Bruelheide, KN Suding, H Auge
Oikos 125 (10), 1467-1477, 2016
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