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Measurement of plasma corticosterone and fecal glucocorticoid metabolites in the chicken (Gallus domesticus), the great cormorant (Phalacrocorax carbo), and the goshawk …
M Dehnhard, A Schreer, O Krone, K Jewgenow, M Krause, R Grossmann
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An overview of existing raptor contaminant monitoring activities in Europe
P Gómez-Ramírez, RF Shore, NW Van Den Brink, B Van Hattum, ...
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Heavy metals in soft tissue of white‐tailed eagles found dead or moribund in Germany and Austria from 1993 to 2000
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Tracking pan-continental trends in environmental contamination using sentinel raptors—what types of samples should we use?
S Espín, AJ García-Fernández, D Herzke, RF Shore, B van Hattum, ...
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Identification and analysis of a new hepadnavirus in white storks
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New hepatitis B virus of cranes that has an unexpected broad host range
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Prevalence of Trichomonas gallinae in northern goshawks from the Berlin area of northeastern Germany
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Haemosporidian blood parasites in European birds of prey and owls
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Health and environmental risks from lead-based ammunition: science versus socio-politics
JM Arnemo, O Andersen, S Stokke, VG Thomas, O Krone, DJ Pain, ...
EcoHealth 13 (4), 618-622, 2016
Lead poisoning in white-tailed sea eagles: causes and approaches to solutions in Germany
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Haemosporida of birds of prey and owls from Germany
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Mortality factors, helminth burden, and contaminant residues in white-tailed sea eagles (Haliaeetus albicilla) from Finland
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Endoparasites in free-ranging birds of prey in Germany
O Krone
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Mortality factors, environmental contaminants, and parasites of white-tailed sea eagles from Greenland
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Parasitic diseases
O Krone, JE Cooper
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Are lead-free hunting rifle bullets as effective at killing wildlife as conventional lead bullets? A comparison based on wound size and morphology
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Endoparasite spectrum of wild cats (Felis silvestris Schreber, 1777) and domestic cats (Felis catus L.) from the Eifel, Pfalz region and Saarland, Germany
O Krone, O Guminsky, H Meinig, M Herrmann, M Trinzen, G Wibbelt
European Journal of Wildlife Research 54 (1), 95-100, 2008
Correlates between feeding ecology and mercury levels in historical and modern arctic foxes (Vulpes lagopus)
N Bocharova, G Treu, GÁ Czirják, O Krone, V Stefanski, G Wibbelt, ...
PLoS One 8 (5), e60879, 2013
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