Naoufal Bahlawane
Naoufal Bahlawane
Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology
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Prussian blue analogs for rechargeable batteries
B Wang, Y Han, X Wang, N Bahlawane, H Pan, M Yan, Y Jiang
Iscience 3, 110-133, 2018
Amorphous Fe2O3 as a high-capacity, high-rate and long-life anode material for lithium ion batteries
Y Jiang, D Zhang, Y Li, T Yuan, N Bahlawane, C Liang, W Sun, Y Lu, ...
Nano Energy 4, 23-30, 2014
Catalytic oxidation of VOCs over mixed Co–Mn oxides
ZY Tian, PHT Ngamou, V Vannier, K Kohse-Höinghaus, N Bahlawane
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 117, 125-134, 2012
Vanadium Oxide Compounds: Structure, Properties, and Growth from the Gas Phase
N Bahlawane, D Lenoble
Chemical Vapor Deposition 20 (7-8-9), 299-311, 2014
Characterization and tests of planar Co3O4 model catalysts prepared by chemical vapor deposition
N Bahlawane, EF Rivera, K Kohse-Höinghaus, A Brechling, U Kleineberg
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 53 (4), 245-255, 2004
Tailoring the properties and the reactivity of the spinel cobalt oxide
N Bahlawane, PHT Ngamou, V Vannier, T Kottke, J Heberle, ...
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 11 (40), 9224-9232, 2009
Synthesis of the Catalytically Active Mn3O4 Spinel and Its Thermal Properties
ZY Tian, P Mountapmbeme Kouotou, N Bahlawane, PH Tchoua Ngamou
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 117 (12), 6218-6224, 2013
Kinetics of methane combustion over CVD-made cobalt oxide catalysts
N Bahlawane
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 67 (3-4), 168-176, 2006
New sol–gel route for the preparation of pure α‐alumina at 950 c
N Bahlawane, T Watanabe
Journal of the American Ceramic Society 83 (9), 2324-2326, 2000
Conversion‐alloying anode materials for sodium ion batteries
L Fang, N Bahlawane, W Sun, H Pan, BB Xu, M Yan, Y Jiang
Small 17 (37), 2101137, 2021
Hetero-interface constructs ion reservoir to enhance conversion reaction kinetics for sodium/lithium storage
L Fang, Z Lan, W Guan, P Zhou, N Bahlawane, W Sun, Y Lu, C Liang, ...
Energy Storage Materials 18, 107-113, 2019
Transparent conductive CuCrO 2 thin films deposited by pulsed injection metal organic chemical vapor deposition: Up-scalable process technology for an improved transparency …
J Crêpellière, PL Popa, N Bahlawane, R Leturcq, F Werner, S Siebentritt, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry C 4 (19), 4278-4287, 2016
Influence of the arrangement of the octahedrally coordinated trivalent cobalt cations on the electrical charge transport and surface reactivity
PHT Ngamou, N Bahlawane
Chemistry of Materials 22 (14), 4158-4165, 2010
CVD of Al2O3 Thin Films Using Aluminum Tri‐isopropoxide
S Blittersdorf, N Bahlawane, K Kohse‐Höinghaus, B Atakan, J Müller
Chemical Vapor Deposition 9 (4), 194-198, 2003
Catalytic oxidation of hydrocarbons over Co3O4 catalyst prepared by CVD
Z Tian, N Bahlawane, F Qi, K Kohse-Höinghaus
Catalysis Communications 11 (2), 118-122, 2009
Chemical vapor deposition and electric characterization of perovskite oxides LaMO3 (M= Co, Fe, Cr and Mn) thin films
PHT Ngamou, N Bahlawane
Journal of Solid State Chemistry 182 (4), 849-854, 2009
Atomic layer deposition of vanadium oxides: Process and application review
VP Prasadam, N Bahlawane, F Mattelaer, G Rampelberg, C Detavernier, ...
Materials Today Chemistry 12, 396-423, 2019
Recent advances in vanadium pentoxide (V 2 O 5) towards related applications in chromogenics and beyond: fundamentals, progress, and perspectives
TK Le, PV Pham, CL Dong, N Bahlawane, D Vernardou, I Mjejri, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry C 10 (11), 4019-4071, 2022
Visible thermochromism in vanadium pentoxide coatings
S Kumar, A Qadir, F Maury, N Bahlawane
ACS applied materials & interfaces 9 (25), 21447-21456, 2017
Structure sensitivity of propene oxidation over Co-Mn spinels
ZY Tian, N Bahlawane, V Vannier, K Kohse-Höinghaus
Proceedings of the Combustion Institute 34 (2), 2261-2268, 2013
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