Nicholas B Stephens
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Human-like hand use in Australopithecus africanus
MM Skinner, NB Stephens, ZJ Tsegai, AC Foote, NH Nguyen, T Gross, ...
Science 347 (6220), 395-399, 2015
Homo sapiens in Arabia by 85,000 years ago
HS Groucutt, R Grün, IAS Zalmout, NA Drake, SJ Armitage, I Candy, ...
Nature ecology & evolution 2 (5), 800-809, 2018
Trabecular architecture in the thumb of Pan and Homo: implications for investigating hand use, loading, and hand preference in the fossil record
NB Stephens, TL Kivell, T Gross, DH Pahr, RA Lazenby, JJ Hublin, ...
American Journal of Physical Anthropology, 2016
Trabecular bone patterning across the human hand
NB Stephens, TL Kivell, DH Pahr, JJ Hublin, MM Skinner
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Exploring sexual dimorphism of the modern human talus through geometric morphometric methods
R Sorrentino, MG Belcastro, C Figus, NB Stephens, K Turley, ...
PloS one 15 (2), e0229255, 2020
The influence of mobility strategy on the modern human talus
R Sorrentino, NB Stephens, KJ Carlson, C Figus, L Fiorenza, S Frost, ...
American Journal of Physical Anthropology 171 (3), 456-469, 2020
Comment on “Human-like hand use in Australopithecus africanus”
S Almécija, IJ Wallace, S Judex, DM Alba, S Moyà-Solà
Science 348 (6239), 1101-1101, 2015
Mandibular dysmorphology due to abnormal embryonic osteogenesis in FGFR2-related craniosynostosis mice
SM Motch Perrine, M Wu, NB Stephens, D Kriti, H Van Bakel, EW Jabs, ...
Disease models & mechanisms 12 (5), dmm038513, 2019
Three-dimensional geometric morphometric analysis of the first metacarpal distal articular surface in humans, great apes and fossil hominins
L Galletta, NB Stephens, A Bardo, TL Kivell, D Marchi
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The position of Australopithecus sediba within fossil hominin hand use diversity
CJ Dunmore, MM Skinner, A Bardo, LR Berger, JJ Hublin, DH Pahr, ...
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Response to Comment on “Human-like hand use in Australopithecus africanus”
MM Skinner, NB Stephens, ZJ Tsegai, AC Foote, NH Nguyen, T Gross, ...
Science 348 (6239), 1101-1101, 2015
Cortical bone mapping: An application to hand and foot bones in hominoids
ZJ Tsegai, NB Stephens, GM Treece, MM Skinner, TL Kivell, AH Gee
Comptes Rendus Palevol, 2017
Trabecular Analysis of the Distal Radial Metaphysis during the Acquisition of Crawling and Bipedal Walking in Childhood: A Preliminary Study
A Colombo, NB Stephens, ZJ Tsegai, M Bettuzzi, MP Morigi, MG Belcastro, ...
Bulletins et Mémoires de la Société d anthropologie de Paris, 1-9, 2019
Unique foot posture in Neanderthals reflects their body mass and high mechanical stress
R Sorrentino, NB Stephens, D Marchi, LJD DeMars, C Figus, E Bortolini, ...
Journal of Human Evolution 161, 103093, 2021
Using point clouds to investigate the relationship between trabecular bone phenotype and behavior: An example utilizing the human calcaneus
LJD DeMars, NB Stephens, JPP Saers, A Gordon, JT Stock, TM Ryan
American Journal of Human Biology 33 (2), e23468, 2021
Domain-enriched deep network for micro-CT image segmentation
A Yazdani, NB Stephens, V Cherukuri, T Ryan, V Monga
2019 53rd Asilomar Conference on Signals, Systems, and Computers, 1867-1871, 2019
Combinations of trabecular and cortical bone properties distinguish various loading modalities between athletes and controls
JPP Saers, LJ DeMars, NB Stephens, T Jashashvili, KJ Carlson, ...
American Journal of Physical Anthropology 174 (3), 434-450, 2021
Multi-class micro-CT image segmentation using sparse regularized deep networks
A Yazdani, YC Sun, NB Stephens, T Ryan, V Monga
2020 54th Asilomar Conference on Signals, Systems, and Computers, 1553-1557, 2020
Machine learning in anthropology: A regularized deep network for osteological micro-ct image segmentation
NB Stephens, A Yazdani, V Cherukuri, LJD Demars, V Monga, TM Ryan
American Journal of Physical Anthropology 171, 274-274, 2020
High-throughput phenotyping methods for quantifying hair fiber morphology
MDS Tina Lasisi, Arslan A. Zaidi, Timothy Harding Webster, Nicholas B ...
bioRxiv 2020 (11), 24.392191, 2020
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