Svenja M. Janke
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Molecular engineering of organic–inorganic hybrid perovskites quantum wells
Y Gao, E Shi, S Deng, SB Shiring, JM Snaider, C Liang, B Yuan, R Song, ...
Nature chemistry 11 (12), 1151-1157, 2019
Electron-hole pair excitation determines the mechanism of hydrogen atom adsorption
O Bünermann, H Jiang, Y Dorenkamp, A Kandratsenka, SM Janke, ...
Science 350 (6266), 1346-1349, 2015
Direct-bandgap 2D silver–bismuth iodide double perovskite: the structure-directing influence of an oligothiophene spacer cation
MK Jana, SM Janke, DJ Dirkes, S Dovletgeldi, C Liu, X Qin, K Gundogdu, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 141 (19), 7955-7964, 2019
Organic-to-inorganic structural chirality transfer in a 2D hybrid perovskite and impact on Rashba-Dresselhaus spin-orbit coupling
MK Jana, R Song, H Liu, DR Khanal, SM Janke, R Zhao, C Liu, ...
Nature communications 11 (1), 4699, 2020
An accurate full-dimensional potential energy surface for H–Au (111): Importance of nonadiabatic electronic excitation in energy transfer and adsorption
SM Janke, DJ Auerbach, AM Wodtke, A Kandratsenka
The Journal of chemical physics 143 (12), 124708, 2015
Unified description of H-atom–induced chemicurrents and inelastic scattering
A Kandratsenka, H Jiang, Y Dorenkamp, SM Janke, M Kammler, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 115 (4), 680-684, 2018
Hydrogen collisions with transition metal surfaces: Universal electronically nonadiabatic adsorption
Y Dorenkamp, H Jiang, H Köckert, N Hertl, M Kammler, SM Janke, ...
The Journal of chemical physics 148 (3), 034706, 2018
Toward detection of electron-hole pair excitation in H-atom collisions with Au (111): Adiabatic molecular dynamics with a semi-empirical full-dimensional potential energy surface
SM Janke, M Pavanello, GJ Kroes, D Auerbach, AM Wodtke, ...
Zeitschrift für Physikalische Chemie 227 (11), 1467-1490, 2013
Genetic algorithm approach to global optimization of the full-dimensional potential energy surface for hydrogen atom at fcc-metal surfaces
M Kammler, SM Janke, A Kandratsenka, AM Wodtke
Chemical Physics Letters 683, 286-290, 2017
Pentacene and tetracene molecules and films on H/Si (111): Level alignment from hybrid density functional theory
SM Janke, M Rossi, SV Levchenko, S Kokott, M Scheffler, V Blum
Electronic Structure 2 (3), 035002, 2020
On the optical anisotropy in 2D metal-halide perovskites
M Steger, SM Janke, PC Sercel, BW Larson, H Lu, X Qin, VW Yu, V Blum, ...
Nanoscale 14 (3), 752-765, 2022
Frenkel–Holstein Hamiltonian applied to absorption spectra of quaterthiophene-based 2D hybrid organic–inorganic perovskites
SM Janke, MB Qarai, V Blum, FC Spano
The Journal of Chemical Physics 152 (14), 144702, 2020
Theoretical description of hydrogen atom scattering off noble metals.
SM Janke
Georg-August-Universität Göttingen, 2016
NQCDynamics. jl: A Julia package for nonadiabatic quantum classical molecular dynamics in the condensed phase
J Gardner, OA Douglas-Gallardo, WG Stark, J Westermayr, SM Janke, ...
The Journal of Chemical Physics 156 (17), 174801, 2022
Erratum:“Hydrogen collisions with transition metal surfaces: Universal electronically nonadiabatic adsorption”[J. Chem. Phys. 148, 034706 (2018)]
Y Dorenkamp, H Jiang, H Köckert, N Hertl, M Kammler, SM Janke, ...
The Journal of Chemical Physics 150 (9), 099901, 2019
Efficient implementation and performance analysis of the independent electron surface hopping method for dynamics at metal surfaces
J Gardner, D Corken, SM Janke, S Habershon, RJ Maurer
The Journal of Chemical Physics, 2022
Coherent phonon-induced modulation of charge transfer in two-dimensional hybrid perovskites
D Seyitliyev, K Gundogdu, V Blum, DB Mitzi, W You, S Janke, MK Jana, ...
Ultrafast Nonlinear Imaging and Spectroscopy X, PC1222805, 2022
Machine Learning Accelerated Nonadiabatic Dynamics at Metal Surfaces
J Westermayr, OA Douglas-Gallardo, SM Janke, RJ Maurer
Elsevier, 2022
Electron phonon coupling and coherent phonon modulation of charge transfer in two dimensional perovskite (AE2T)2AgBiI8
X Qin, D Seyitliyev, M Jana, S Janke, W You, D Mitzi, K Gundogdu, ...
APS March Meeting Abstracts 2022, G48. 008, 2022
HybriD3: Materials Property Database for Hybrid Organic-Inorganic Perovskites
X Qin, X Du, S Bhattacharya, C Clayton, J Hu, M Jana, S Janke, R Lau, ...
APS March Meeting Abstracts 2021, X54. 007, 2021
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