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Ecotoxicological impact of the fungicide tebuconazole on an aquatic decomposer‐detritivore system
JP Zubrod, M Bundschuh, A Feckler, D Englert, R Schulz
Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry 30 (12), 2718-2724, 2011
Does the current fungicide risk assessment provide sufficient protection for key drivers in aquatic ecosystem functioning?
JP Zubrod, D Englert, A Feckler, N Koksharova, M Konschak, ...
Environmental science & technology 49 (2), 1173-1181, 2015
Differences in the sensitivity among cryptic lineages of the Gammarus fossarum complex
A Feckler, A Thielsch, K Schwenk, R Schulz, M Bundschuh
Science of the Total Environment 439, 158-164, 2012
Cryptic species diversity: an overlooked factor in environmental management?
A Feckler, JP Zubrod, A Thielsch, K Schwenk, R Schulz, M Bundschuh
Journal of Applied Ecology 51 (4), 958-967, 2014
History matters: Heterotrophic microbial community structure and function adapt to multiple stressors
A Feckler, W Goedkoop, M Konschak, R Bundschuh, KGJ Kenngott, ...
Global Change Biology 24 (2), e402-e415, 2018
Does the presence of titanium dioxide nanoparticles reduce copper toxicity? A factorial approach with the benthic amphipod Gammarus fossarum
RR Rosenfeldt, F Seitz, JP Zubrod, A Feckler, T Merkel, S Lüderwald, ...
Aquatic Toxicology 165, 154-159, 2015
Inorganic fungicides as routinely applied in organic and conventional agriculture can increase palatability but reduce microbial decomposition of leaf litter
JP Zubrod, A Feckler, D Englert, N Koksharova, RR Rosenfeldt, F Seitz, ...
Journal of Applied Ecology 52 (2), 310-322, 2015
Forest streams are important sources for nitrous oxide emissions
J Audet, D Bastviken, M Bundschuh, I Buffam, A Feckler, L Klemedtsson, ...
Global change biology 26 (2), 629-641, 2020
Long‐term effects of fungicides on leaf‐associated microorganisms and shredder populations—an artificial stream study
JP Zubrod, D Englert, J Wolfram, RR Rosenfeldt, A Feckler, R Bundschuh, ...
Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry 36 (8), 2178-2189, 2017
Exposure pathway-dependent effects of the fungicide epoxiconazole on a decomposer-detritivore system
A Feckler, W Goedkoop, JP Zubrod, R Schulz, M Bundschuh
Science of the Total Environment 571, 992-1000, 2016
Nanoparticles transported from aquatic to terrestrial ecosystems via emerging aquatic insects compromise subsidy quality
M Bundschuh, D Englert, RR Rosenfeldt, R Bundschuh, A Feckler, ...
Scientific Reports 9 (1), 15676, 2019
A glance into the black box: Novel species-specific quantitative real-time PCR assays to disentangle aquatic hyphomycete community composition
P Baudy, JP Zubrod, N Röder, C Baschien, A Feckler, R Schulz, ...
Fungal Ecology 42, 100858, 2019
Quantitative real-time PCR as a promising tool for the detection and quantification of leaf-associated fungal species – A proof-of-concept using Alatospora pulchella
A Feckler, A Schrimpf, M Bundschuh, F Bärlocher, P Baudy, J Cornut, ...
PLoS One 12 (4), e0174634, 2017
Blinded by the light: Increased chlorophyll fluorescence of herbicide-exposed periphyton masks unfavorable structural responses during exposure and recovery
A Feckler, J Rakovic, M Kahlert, R Tröger, M Bundschuh
Aquatic toxicology 203, 187-193, 2018
Cryptic lineages-same but different?
A Feckler, R Schulz, M Bundschuh
Integrated Environmental Assessment & Management 9 (1), 2013
Photocatalytic properties of titanium dioxide nanoparticles affect habitat selection of and food quality for a key species in the leaf litter decomposition process
A Feckler, RR Rosenfeldt, F Seitz, R Schulz, M Bundschuh
Environmental pollution 196, 276-283, 2015
Decoupled structure and function of leaf-associated microorganisms under anthropogenic pressure: Potential hurdles for environmental monitoring
A Feckler, M Bundschuh
Freshwater Science 39 (4), 652-664, 2020
When significance becomes insignificant: Effect sizes and their uncertainties in Bayesian and frequentist frameworks as an alternative approach when analyzing ecotoxicological data
A Feckler, M Low, JP Zubrod, M Bundschuh
Environmental toxicology and chemistry 37 (7), 1949-1955, 2018
Structural and functional development of twelve newly established floodplain pond mesocosms
S Stehle, A Manfrin, A Feckler, T Graf, TJ Joschko, J Jupke, C Noss, ...
Ecology and evolution 12 (3), e8674, 2022
Mini-review of process-based food web models and their application in aquatic-terrestrial meta-ecosystems
SE Osakpolor, M Kattwinkel, J Schirmel, A Feckler, A Manfrin, RB Schäfer
Ecological Modelling 458, 109710, 2021
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